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About us
Jit Team gathers a large group of experts on software development. The Teams we build have completed many projects for industries, such as: fashion, aviation, banking, and many more. Our expertise, when it comes to both: technologies and team building, have proven to be the ultimate key to success.
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Our team
software architect /team leader
Łukasz is quite a personality, he has a thousand ideas per minute and his creative brain just doesn’t take breaks. He has been part of Jit almost since its beginning, that’s why his expertise is so important to us.
principal developer
This is ‘The Guy’ – give him a riddle and he will solve it in no time. Challenge him with a technological task and you will get more than just a simple answer. Our own Jit Technological Genius.
test architect
Testing ensures quality, we all know that, don’t we? Tomek makes sure the testing stage of the project is as thorough as possible. He sees things invisible to the naked eye. He is an expert on automated testing.
product owner
Justyna likes to be called the ‘head teacher’ of her team. She knows how to manage people and tasks. She is business analysis encyclopedia, the richest source of knowledge on this topic. A very warm and organized person.
software architect
A guy with a steady mind and flexible thinking. Łukasz is a combination of excellent programming competence, phenomenal sense of humor, and exceptional team management skills. Łukasz is also an expert on geek T-shirts.
hr manager
A specialist on cases of all kinds, our problem solver. She knows everyone and has seen everything. Magda has been managing the recruitment team for 4 years, we always trust her judgement.
Our offices

Gdynia, Al. Zwycięstwa 96/98 - 54.494888, 18.5381079

Warszawa, ul. Twarda 18 - 52.2347064, 20.9993674

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Be more. Be Jit Team
Jit Team is all about four main values – HUMAN, TECH, TEAM, and FAIR PLAY. HUMAN, because Jit Team is defined by its employees and clients. Building strong human relationships is our priority. TECH, because we develop high quality software for our clients using the most suitable technologies. TEAM, because we are experts on building teams of specialists suited to the needs of our clients. FAIR PLAY is an inherent part of cooperation with Jit Team. We are fair, always.