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Solutions Architect (Cyber Security Project)
Sigma Software

Solutions Architect (Cyber Security Project)

Sigma Software
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Sigma Software

Sigma Software

Sigma Software is a global software development company that enables enterprises, startups, and product houses to meet their technology needs through end-to-end delivery. We have been working since 2002, from all over the world.

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We are seeking an experienced Senior Software Engineer to join our team as a Solutions Architect. The successful candidate will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth resolution of intricate customer requests across multiple product versions, encompassing diverse technology stacks, infrastructure configurations, and customer integrations.

We are working with a highly dynamic AdTech ecosystem with the goal of protecting the world from malvertising. The solution part of a portfolio that includes a variety of software products.

The company develops and implements technologies to protect organizations and users from cyber threats such as bot attacks, data breaches, phishing, digital fraud, and more. This includes a range of activities and offerings such as Threat Detection and Prevention, Incident Response, Security Consulting, etc.

Being our team member means being open-minded, friendly, supportive, ready to accept the challenge, take responsibility, and never stop learning. We need to be one step ahead of attackers, which means being smarter, quicker, and looking beyond the surface.

We are passionate about the people we hire to protect the internet. As the central unit driving product strategy and execution, we work closely with business, engineering and research to coordinate all product efforts.


  • 6+ years of prior experience as a Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Proficiency in conducting thorough investigations and handling complex integrations
  • Ability to troubleshoot intricate technical issues and create effective solutions in a timely manner
  • Comprehensive understanding of infrastructure specifics, including deployment architectures, networking concepts, and cloud environments
  • English – Upper-intermediate+/Advanced
  • Proactive approach to problem-solving and a strong commitment to achieving results


  • Process and resolve complex and technically challenging customer requests as a 3rd line of technical support
  • Engage directly with end customers, other support lines, and engineering teams to gather essential information and insights required for effective case resolution
  • Develop scripts and internal tools to speed up the identification of root causes and streamline troubleshooting processes
  • Automate workflows and establish monitoring mechanisms to optimize support operations
  • Take ownership of issue resolution, leading the charge in driving solutions and guiding others towards successful outcomes
  • Identify opportunities for enhancing existing processes and lead the implementation of new initiatives
  • Ensure continuous improvement by proactively implementing preventative measures to mitigate future occurrences