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🤓 Junior Node.js Developer

4 500 - 4 500 PLN net

🌍 Netguru | ul. Wojskowa 6, Poznań


👉 Requirements:

  • ES6 🔸🔸
  • Express.js 🔸🔸
  • Git 🔸🔸
  • Node.js 🔸🔸
  • SQL 🔸🔸
  • We are Netguru – a team of specialists creating web and mobile applications on behalf of clients worldwide. We always strive to make a name for ourselves in the world of software development.

    Over the past ten years, Netguru developed from a small startup to an almost fully-grown enterprise. Starting as a local business, we’ve evolved into an international company with clients from over 20 countries, working on over 80 projects, with over 200 developers on board. We are now recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. It wouldn’t have been possible but for the people who have a strong commitment to making the company develop even further.

    Joining Netguru means:

    Your responsibilities:



    Perks & benefits: 

    Don't hesitate and apply right away! In case of questions, drop us a line at!