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Merixstudio is a full-stack, agile software team of creative technologists from Poznań. With our primary services being web & mobile app development, product design, and software development consulting. Check out our profile and #MeetMerix!

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Head of People & Culture

Anita is a woman of many talents who’s not afraid of any challenges. She actively supports others in their career paths in Merix with valuable advice and cheering words.


Head of Technology

Miłosz, ½ of our podcasting duo, is an active player on the IT scene. Often giving speeches on tech-related events and mentoring future Django developers, he’s known both for his knowledge and a sense of humor.


Head of Delivery

Piotr’s main duty is connecting PM, UX, Design, and QA teams. Having one of the longest seniorities in Merixstudio, he knows our company from in and out! So if you have a question, he’s usually the person with an answer!

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Diverse projects

Check out the video and see what we have to say about crafting and launching astonishing web and mobile apps for clients worldwide. Diverse and ambitious projects - that’s what you can expect, entering the world of Merix!


You know what they say - choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. We believe that the team you work with and its spirit are just as important. Learn more about
our atmosphere!

The "Piątki po deployu" podcast

We have something special for our Polish fans - the "Piątki po deployu" podcast, hosted by Mateusz, our Head of Engineering Teams and Miłosz, our Head of Technology! Here you can find one of the latest episodes :)

#RecruitUs online!

All of this sound interesting? You can also #RecruitUs - after all, we have no secrets and are open to any of your questions! Click below & schedule a meeting with our HR Team!

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job offers

Regular QA Specialist
Regular QA Specialist
8 000 - 13 000 PLN
3d ago
8k - 13k PLN
Poznań, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Test AutomationWeb ApplicationsManual Testing
Senior QA Specialist
Senior QA Specialist
13 500 - 21 000 PLN
3d ago
13.5k - 21k PLN
Poznań, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Automated TestingWeb Application TestingManual Testing
Regular Python Developer
Regular Python Developer
9 000 - 15 000 PLN
4d ago
9k - 15k PLN
Poznań, Fully RemoteFully Remote
EnglishREST APIPython
Senior Python Developer
Senior Python Developer
15 500 - 23 000 PLN
4d ago
15.5k - 23k PLN
Poznań, Fully RemoteFully Remote
EnglishREST APIPython/Django