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We are a software development company from Krakow, and we help companies from Poland and abroad to stand out from their competition by building dedicated technological solutions that support brand development. More info:

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CEO and founder of Fingoweb, former software developer with over 15 years of experience in building web applications.



COO at Fingoweb, a former software developer with over 8 years of commercial experience building web applications.



HR Manager at Fingoweb.

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Join our team and start creating ambitious projects with us. If you are as passionate about the IT world as we are, surely we will find a common language. Our team includes 35+ people who specialize in creating web applications, dedicated IT systems and e-commerce platforms. We also have creative departments such as Design or Marketing, and HR and Administration. Everyone is definitely going to find a place for themselves where they can develop their skills and knowledge.

Develop your interests!

We make sure that our team feels comfortable about developing their passions and interests. If you're good at something and you're motivated to take part in a project because it's a familiar industry or even a hobby, we'll give you the opportunity to grow in it. We love people who have initiative and enthusiasm for work, so if we can give you the pleasure of carrying out a task that will benefit both sides, why not?

Get to know people!

We love to organize outings, events or team building trips together. Each time we try something new while getting to know each other more and more. Sometimes it's the most spontaneous meetings that are best remembered. Get to know Fingoweb better and become a part of it.

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    Ostatnia 1C/B14

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React Native Developer
React Native Developer
9 000 - 13 000 PLN
1d ago
9k - 13k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
JavaScriptReact Native
Senior JavaScript Developer with React
Senior JavaScript Developer with React
15 000 - 20 000 PLN
3d ago
15k - 20k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
Analityk Biznesowy
Analityk Biznesowy
10 000 - 16 000 PLN
4d ago
10k - 16k PLN
, Fully RemoteFully Remote
negotationsCommunication SkillsEnglish