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    ­čĺ╗­čž«Senior Data Analyst with Python­čž«­čĺ╗

    ­čĺ╗­čž«Senior Data Analyst with Python­čž«­čĺ╗

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    ­čĹąAbout as


    We are Valueships, a consulting firm focused on increasing the top-line revenue and profitability of our clients. We believe that most companies have at least 10% unleveraged margin potential, and we help to unlock it. We're most known for our pricing, value strategy, and monetization work. Our ideal customer profiles are software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, subscription models (XaaS), custom software development and B2B agencies, and e-commerce companies: retailers, marketplace, and pure-play digital included.


    One of our fundamental values is whatever it takes. It means that our employees know they need to get the job done, no matter how hard it is. 

    We require our Data Analyst to be:

    • Client-oriented ÔÇô what is good for them is good for us;
    • Impact-oriented ÔÇô if you can't show the quantified numbers, then it's probably not the right way;
    • Problem-solvers ÔÇô our job is all about figuring out the way to make your business more profitable;
    • Extreme Owners ÔÇô we believe that we're responsible for the things end-to-end, everywhere;┬á
    • Pricing/Business ExpertsÔÇöWhile we don't require pricing/monetization expertise for Data Analysts, once you grow in our company, one day you will become a domain expert in the field.


    ­čĄöWhy choose Valueships?


    Let us put it in the shortest form possible: why join the Navy if you can become a pirate?

    We specifically left top MBB consulting companies to build a place that is faster, more down to earth and helps real people. That's why we love our SMB/ mid-market positioning.

    If you want to join a project about building a new consulting company and become our Partner one day, this is the place for you. 

    If you've ever felt against the overall business narrative, you might like us here. 

    Valueships is the consulting firm that ambitious companies turn to when they seek to optimize the monetization of their products. We excel in pricing strategy and helping clients realize a fair share of the value they create. 

    By joining Valueships, you will engage in exciting and fulfilling work that supports the growth of innovative companies through pricing transformation. 

    You will develop top-notch consulting skills and establish a unique expertise in tech pricing. 

    Moreover, you will become an integral part of our highly collaborative and friendly community.

    At Valueships, we prioritize excellence in our work without overwhelming our employees. We offer remote work opportunities, purposeful travel and value our team members' time for personal and family life.


    ­čĄęQualities We Seek


    We are seeking analytically driven individuals who are passionate about solving complex problems through data. We value candidates who are energetic, eager to learn, and possess strong analytical skills. Ideal candidates will have a background in statistics, computer science, or a related field, and exhibit a creative approach to data analysis and visualization. Whether your experience is in science or business, we are looking for those who can blend analytical rigor with inventive insights to drive our projects forward.


    ­čôŁKey Responsibilities of a Data Analyst


    As a Data Analyst, you will support workstreams on monetization projects for clients in the Software, SaaS, Banking, Telecommunications, and e-commerce sectors, with contributions including:

    • Manipulating large data sets, preparing analysis, forecasts and recommendations related to CLV, pricing, product portfolio and strategy.
    • Development of analytical tools to support recipients' business objectives in generating new insights from data and facilitating decision-making processes.
    • Analyzing the results of our activities, designing tests and searching for hidden gems in customer data.

    ­čÄ»Core Skills


    Data Analyst at Valueships exhibit strong skills in the following areas:

    • Creative conceptual problem-solving, including the ability to break down complex problems into manageable components;
    • Analytics, with the capability to design and execute analyses to address specific questions;
    • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint and Python. Familiarity with advanced analytical tools such as PowerBI, Tableau.

    ÔťĘDesired Behaviors


    We value the following behaviors in our team members:

    • Extreme ownership ÔÇô you need to own your job, responsibilities, and most importantly, the client's best interest.
    • Proactively giving and receiving radically candid feedback from colleagues and clients;
    • Learning curiosity ÔÇô if you don't like to know, read, and gain new knowledge, then you might not like our place;
    • Demonstrating enthusiasm, proactivity, interest, and self-motivation;
    • Relentlessly pursuing high-quality work;
    • Collaborating as a team player, being ready to roll up sleeves and contribute as needed;
    • Embodying and promoting Valueships' key values like Whatever It takes, Extreme Ownership, Radical Candor, and True Professionalism




    • A master's degree; we're okay with a bachelor's for more junior roles, but we love people engaging in scientific work or pursuing postgraduate titles┬á
    • Minimum of 3 years of experience as a data analyst (experience in e-commerce/consulting industry is a plus)
    • An interest in business-related topics should be held by candidates
    • Proficiency in MS Excel and MS PowerPoint and data visualization
    • Experience working with large data sets (we have team members who use Python for analytics, so we are looking for individuals who can utilize Python for analytical tasks)
    • Focus on business objectives should be maintained by candidates when analyzing data, issues should be investigated independently and conclusions drawn, and a proactive willingness to generate new ideas, test new concepts, and actively participate in discussions should be demonstrated.
    • Challenging business problems should be enjoyed being tackled and collaboration with clients should be enjoyed, as our clients, who are often industry leaders facing various obstacles, are helped by us to overcome them.
    • We need people with fluency in English (minimum B2) and Polish.


    ­čÜÇWhat do we offer?

    • Salary based on experience:

    o  Senior Data Analyst UoP 9.000 - 13.000 zł brutto

    o  Senior Data Analyst B2B 10.000 - 14.000 zł netto

    • Potential to become a Partner at Valueships and own a part of our company;
    • Flexible choice of employment form - employment contract or B2B contract;
    • We work primarily remotely, but we happen to organize an office day at our headquarters in Wroc┼éaw - you decide what is better for you;
    • We take care of the development of our team members; if you are interested in a course or postgraduate studies, Valueships will support you financially;
    • We prioritize our employees' well-being by offering 30 vacation days regardless of work experience.