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Troubleshooter-Software Engineer- 4G/5G

Troubleshooter-Software Engineer- 4G/5G

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About us & the job:

In our daily work we are responsible for the maintenance of the software embedded into the Distributed Unit (DU) including PHY, MAC, and RLC layers on gNB side. The software (in C language) is executed on a proprietary hardware platform. Both software and hardware belong to our Customer, who leads in the telecommunication industry and supplies essential hardware and software for Radio Base Stations, from GSM up to 5G to mobile operators. 

We are responsible for the last Tier 3 of customer support. Also, we take responsibility for the baseband software. After receiving the Trouble Report (TR) we need to state if the issue is software related or not. When we face a software issue then we forward the ticket to the dedicated R&D team that prepares the fix in code; otherwise, we are supporting upper tiers of customer support in analysis. Also, we cooperate with testers and labs who test the newest software - so we handle internal TRs as well. 

Most of the issues we cope with are related to software, interference, coverage, hardware, optimization, environment, or other undefined issues. During our work, we use many scripts for analyzing large volumes of data.  

Use Cases:  

  • After upgrading the software, the customer observed a crash on 5% of nodes. Crash disappears after a downgrade of the software.  
  • Spontaneous throughput degradation after locking and unlocking the cell.  
  • Voice quality degradation.  
  • Sleeping cell.  


  • Knowledge and experience in LTE or 5G protocol (or both) – especially in Uu interface. Knowledge of PHY, MAC, RLC, PDCP, difference between SA and NSA, 
  • Understanding of UE attach procedure, 
  • Troubleshooting experience- knowledge concerning common issues that can be found in the 4G or 5G network, 
  • Linux terminal self-sufficiency (copying, removing, editing, and creating files; Navigating between directories and unzipping files), 
  • Ability to read and understand the code written in C, 
  • Higher technical education of Computer Science or related, 
  • Knowledge within IT/telecommunication area, 
  • Ability to organize your own work and being proactive, 
  • Open to knowledge sharing and supporting other team members, 
  • Very good English- written and spoken, 
  • Sense of humor and will to stay with us for longer (as it takes some time to get into it). 


What we offer:

  • Fame and money (in practice: being a part of the best FD team in Tietoevry Poland and competitive salary), 
  • Hybrid/remote work, as well as working from office option with a constant access to coffee and office events (i.e. thematic breakfasts, pizza day, etc.), 
  • Participation in interesting work cases, 
  • Trainings and upskilling possibilities, 
  • Private medical care, 
  • Group life insurance, 
  • Investment fund, 
  • Relocation package, 
  • Multi Sport card, 
  • Lunches subsidy.