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Financial Data Engineer

Financial Data Engineer

3 695 - 4 721 USDNet/month - B2B
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Expert engineering for challenging software projects. SoftKraft provide business and technology leaders with talent and expertise for building software to use data for insights and impact.

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Values we cherish the most are Ownership, Excitement, Learning, Communication and Teamwork, but if there is one word to describe SoftKraft, it would be: delight.

We exist to delight

Delight our coworkers 

And delight our customers.

We delight our coworkers by providing a challenging environment for their personal and professional growth. In many different ways and dimensions.

Our coworkers' continuous growth is a foundation for our customers' delight. Delight achieved by extreme ownership, attention to detail and excellent communication.

To keep delivering delight on a range of our projects, we need your support!

Why you should work with us:

💰 Salary aligned with your experience and skills (15120 - 19320 PLN netto B2B) 

⏰ Flexible working hours (just ensure some overlap with others for occasional meetings)

🏢 100% remote, yet we have cozy offices in Bielsko-Biała if you are into working with us directly (yes, we have decent coffee machine there)

👨‍💻 Work in a well-coordinated team, in a company created by programmers for programmers, where we take the idea of Extreme Ownership by heart

🧙 Average experience of our co-workers in the company is 9 years - you will be able to learn a lot from those guys. We apply a mentorship program where needed.

🚀 Well established development and communication standards

💫 You will get an opportunity to grow not only as a professional but also as a person, as we dedicate significant effort in building soft skills and culture of our community.

What we need from you:

  • Experience with Python and SQL is required (min. 2 years), 2+ years of commercial software development experience.
  • Experience in Linux, Java, and noSQL is a plus.
  • Experience working with FTP, API, S3 and other distribution channels to source data.
  • Proficient with software lifecycle and version control systems such as GIT.
  • Experience working in Financial domain knowledge, e.g. bonds, rates and understanding Financial symbology: e.g. Sedol, Cusip, symbols from data vendors.
  • Proficient working in Exchange data, e.g. bid/offer orders, minute bar.
  • Experience working with Large time series data: hundreds of millions to billions of rows, e.g. having knowledge on how to process, aggregate, do data quality checks on these relatively large data sets.

Your daily duties:

  • Understanding the existing data sets and systems to migrate to a new platform.
  • Working a part of the rotation support with the other team members.
  • Engaging with vendors and technical teams to systematically ingest, evaluate, and create valuable data assets.
  • Conducting data analysis to assess data quality and drive business decisions.
  • Applying robust data quality rules to systemically qualify data deliveries and guarantee the integrity of financial datasets.
  • Engaging with technical and non-technical clients as SME on data asset offerings.
  • Communicating with stakeholders on project deliverables.

“As software developers we’re paid to be professional learners. People hire us (or should hire us) for what we are capable of learning, not for what we already know.”

 / Pat Shaughnessy

One last thing is a short Jocko Willink (author of Extreme Ownership) quote


"You already know what the right thing to do is... You just gotta do it"

/ Jocko

3 695 - 4 721 USD


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