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🤓 Frontend Developer - Health Platform

10 000 - 14 000 PLN gross

🌍 Schibsted Tech Polska | Armii Krajowej 28, Kraków


👉 Requirements:

  • JavaScript 🔸🔸🔸
  • React 🔸🔸
  • About the project

    Viktklubb and Vektklubb have helped over half a million people lose weight for over a decade. We give our users personalized weight loss programs, coaching from experts, access to thousands of recipes, an easy way to keep track of what they eat, and access to a wonderful community of other people who also care about living a healthy life. It really works, and our users love it!

    Viktklubb and Vektklubb originated from the same codebase but diverged into two different products and were developed separately over the years. Now it’s time to reunite again and create a common health platform. Only this way can we increase reusability, quality and reach more users. And in the future, expand to new markets.

    About the team

    We believe in tight-knit teams that work well together, and that focusing on our users' problems is the key to build successful products and businesses. Which also means that we all know each other, we make a lot of project and product decisions together and we are very open to dev initiatives which are often upstreamed to production.

    In light of our new organisation, the need to merge Viktklubb and Vektklubb and improve user experience especially when it comes to content responsiveness on mobile, we are looking for a Frontend Developer​ with some full stack skills.

    Skills & Requirements

    When it comes to the tech stack we’re currently building the product on React, Redux, Babel, ES6, Webpack, Jest, SCSS/Less, node.js.

    So if ...

    ..then join us!