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About us
Schibsted Tech Polska is a programming hub, creating mobile & web applications for the best Scandinavian start-ups & media companies. We are located in Kraków & Gdańsk.

With almost 170 employees combined, we're focused on developing news, marketplaces web & online applications, as well as helping Scandinavian startups to improve their business.

We're a Scandinavian company in mind - with a flat structure, modern technology stack and a mutual trust as a pillar of our great atmosphere.
Company size
Our team
Katarzyna Kowalczyk
Country Manager
Kasia has been CFO in Schibsted Tech Polska since 2013. In her new role as Country Manager (since March 2018) she is responsible for the overall management of STP's operations in both Kraków & Gdańsk.
Michał Waśniewski
Engineering Manager
Michał is Engineering Manager of Omni - one of the most successful news application in the group. He is also a co-organizer of CocoaHeads Tricity & a semi-professional rally driver.
Wojciech Iskra
Engineering Manager
Wojciech is a Senior Engineering Manager & Javascript Developer in the team working on Norwegian niche services.
Our offices

Kraków, Armii Krajowej 28 - 50.0721294, 19.8916957

Gdańsk, Aleja Grunwaldzka 472B - 54.4032066, 18.5698816

Company insight
Take a closer look
For passionate engineers!
Passion is what creates great software engineers! We hire engaged team-players who love to learn and to share their knowledge with others.
Schibsted Tech Polska is a programming hub for the Norwegian media group Schibsted. We started up in 2012 and today are 170 colleagues in two locations: Krakow and Gdansk.
Schibsted owns the leading media houses in Norway and Sweden as well as marketplace sites in 22 countries. All in all, 7200 people work for Schibsted around the world.
A culture of sharing knowledge
In Schibsted Tech Polska we love to share knowledge! We believe it is crucial in order to excel in software engineering. Why? Because software engineers who teach others are both better programmers and have a bigger impact in the company!
We have a developers blog with more than 100 articles written by our software developers. We contribute to open source projects, run internal trainings, are mentors, organize external Tech Talks and run a podcast - Beyond the Code.
Unique people & atmosphere
Every time we ask our employees what makes us most unique, the answer is the same: It is the people and atmosphere!

Passionate people + a friendly atmosphere = Schibsted Tech Polska
Scandinavian work culture
Being a part of a Scandinavian group, our culture is informal. The organizational structure is flat and we try to create a spirit of innovation. We are always looking for the next great idea in our business. That means there is also room to fail.
We do not like to regulate every minute of our day at work. Rather we try to be flexible. This freedom is based on a mutual trust that we all do what is best for the whole team.
A place to develop your skills
In Schibsted Tech Polska you have colleagues in 22 countries. Our products are the results of daily international team work. This creates space for learning, personal development as well as career opportunities.
Passionate engineers need to keep learning. Therefore you have your personal training budget that can be spent on conferences, books, online courses and more.
We also have several in-house training programs. In Tech Jump, you learn new skills together with a personal mentor.
Projects with most modern technologies
We have about 30 software engineering teams working on a wide range of projects – using the most modern technologies.
Among our projects:
- Publishing platform for the leading Scandinavian media houses
- Dating app
- Mobile news app with innovative functionality
- Web TV streaming service that handles several hundred thousand streams every day
- Wine guide app
- Payment solution to be used in several large international markets
Stimulating work enviroment
As an employee in Schibsted, you deserve top conditions for pushing yourself to the best of your abilities.
Our offices in both Krakow and Gdansk are in A-class office buildings. They are designed in a modern way – with spaces for chill-out, gaming, and eating.
You will, of course, have a reclining desk and comfortable chair. And we are generous in letting you choose what technical equipment works best for you.