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    Front-end Software Engineer

    Front-end Software Engineer

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    We’re Poland’s most popular shopping platform and the largest e-commerce player of European origin. With over 250 million offers, we’re now expanding our successful marketplace model across Central and Eastern Europe. Join us!

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    The salary range for this position is PLN 14 200 - 19 690 PLN (contract of employment)

    A hybrid work model requires 1 - 2 days a week in the office

    A hybrid work model that incorporates solutions developed by the leader and the team

    At Delivery Experience, we build the technology we need to make Allegro deliveries easy, cheap, quick and reliable. We take care of the critical services along the Allegro purchase pathway and build the new tools enabling the development of logistics infrastructure. Our key services are responsible for:

    • providing tools for Allegro Sellers to manage delivery settings, dispatch parcels and settle delivery costs,
    • supporting Allegro Buyers in choosing the best delivery method by predicting expected delivery time and make the delivery process more convenient,
    • integration with courier companies, which enables financial arrangements and supports the free-of-charge Smart! delivery programme,
    • managing the post purchase processes like returns and claims,
    • and much more - all to make shopping on Allegro fast and easy for over 140 thousand Sellers and 20 millions visits of Buyers monthly which generates hundreds and thousands of requests per second in our services.

    We are looking for people who:

    • Expect work that has a deeper meaning (not only "management has commissioned") and want to enjoy its results
    • Want to be proud of the code they create. They eagerly accept comments and share their knowledge during Code Review
    • Can look for effective solutions to the requirements set by users
    • Use data to support their decisions
    • Are constantly developing and updating their knowledge
    • Are fluent in the world of the web frontend
    • Have experience in working with React framework as well as TypeScript and JavaScript languages
    • Are looking for new frontend solutions that make the code high quality and well testable
    • Understand performance issues and techniques, their use and implications for the end user

    What we offer:

    • A hybrid work model that you will agree on with your leader and the team. We have well-located offices (with fully equipped kitchens and bicycle parking facilities) and excellent working tools (height-adjustable desks, interactive conference rooms)
    • Annual bonus up to 10% of the annual salary gross (depending on your annual assessment and the company's results)
    • A wide selection of fringe benefits in a cafeteria plan – you choose what you like (e.g. medical, sports or lunch packages, insurance, purchase vouchers)
    • English classes that we pay for related to the specific nature of your job
    • 16" or 14" MacBook Pro with 32GB RAM or a corresponding Dell with Windows (if you don’t like Macs) and other gadgets that you may need
    • Working in a team you can always count on — we have on board top-class specialists and experts in their areas of expertise
    • A high degree of autonomy in terms of organizing your team’s work; we encourage you to develop continuously and try out new things
    • Hackathons, team tourism, training budget and an internal educational platform, MindUp (including training courses on work organization, means of communications, motivation to work and various technologies and subject-matter issues)
    • If you want to learn more, check it out

    Why is it worth working with us?

    • We create a front-end based on our own style-guide - we care about the consistency and quality of our websites
    • We are not afraid of new technologies - we are happy to use pure JS, but we also have React, Angular, Vue, and we serve everything using Node.js. We also have a private register of npm
    • We care about the performance of our solutions both on the browser and server side
    • We create large-scale micro frontends (800+ components), microservices - for real (1000+) and scale for real (60k + rps on business data bus)
    • We use, depending on the teams and needs, the latest versions of Java (from 8 upwards), Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Python, Spring, Reactive Programming, Spark, Hadoop, Mesos, TensorFlow
    • In our company, Big Data is a few petabytes of data, and Machine Learning is used productively
    • We use Code Review, Continuous Integration, Scrum / Kanban, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming depending on the team
    • We have an internal ecosystem based on self-services and widely used tools such as Docker, Consul, Kubernetes or GitHub. Thanks to this, in the first days of work you will be able to create software in the language, architecture and scale that will be limited only by your idea and imagination
    • We actively participate in the life of the largest groups of users related to technologies in which we work (Java, Python, Devops) in Poland, organizing trainings / workshops and presentations in Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń and Kraków
    • Technological autonomy: you choose the technology that fits the problem (no consent from all saints). Then you are responsible for it
    • We have an environment combining our two private Data Centers (10,000 servers) and a Public Cloud (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure)
    • We create over 60 open source projects, several thousand stars on github
    • Our employees regularly go to conferences in Poland and abroad (Europe and the USA), each team has a budget for training and books, if you want to develop, we will always help you.
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