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Digital Hub Warsaw - here the best and most creative minds work in a diverse and inclusive environment on groundbreaking solutions that support Bayer's vision of "health for all - hunger for none." We create digital solutions that change the future.


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Włodzimierz Azarko

Associate Software Engineer

Love exploring new places, trying new things, and meeting people. In my spare time I run, play games or go out with friends. I'm always up for a good time and any adventure.

Anna Jeleń

Senior Data Steward

In my free time, you can most often find me cycling or skiing, in the mountains or in the Masuria region. I relax with Scandinavian movies, laugh with The Office, get moved invariably with Disney fairy tales.

Bogusław Tobiasz

Head of Digital Hub Warsaw

Since I was a child, my greatest passion has always been the snow… its crystals with all their unique shapes, its taste, but above all I love the things it allows me to do on skis. Life is great ! Come and join us !

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At DHub, we value gender diversity and cultural diversity. We are a qualified team of people working in different areas of IT: data-science, cyber security, software development and more. United by creative thinking, openness to acquiring new knowledge and willingness to share it with other team members, we believe that only teamwork can bring amazing results. Thanks to an agile approach and working in interdisciplinary teams, we can quickly implement our ideas, which we then test and improve.


For us the main goal is boosting sustainability in agriculture and the use of precision medicine in healthcare. Our focus is on the implementation of digital transformation projects across all six functional divisions, where the company is leveraging its unique leadership position in the market. One of our solutions is Filed View - adopted by farmers in more than 20 countries and which is implemented across more than 60 million subscribed hectares globally.

Digital Hub IT Internship program !

Our interns receive challenging assignments in global
and regional impactful business projects. They can also count on mentoring by leading experts in IT. Caring for the development of trainees, we provide them with access to training and development courses - Coursera, IT Academy etc. If you are a min. second-year undergraduate student or are pursuing a Master's degree in a field related to computer science or STEM: JOIN our SECOND EDITION of the program, the recruitment is ongoing - APPLY!


At Digital Hub Warsaw, we believe that teamwork is the foundation of effective collaboration. We focus on building a strong Community, where we can share not only our knowledge but also interests and passions with others. In our free time, we run, sail, paint, organize Open Days – these are just some of the things we do together...
DON'T WAIT ! #GetToKnowUs, join us and help create the future!


You see DHub at Bayer, you think: global organization, international environment, close cooperation with teams in existing IT locations in Germany, the USA, Brazil, and many other countries around the world - you wonder ... where you can find us? Our office is located in Warsaw. And although we mainly work remotely, we often meet in our SMART Office, where modern interiors and applied technologies help us transform our ideas into reality, but most of all make it a pleasure to visit the office.

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    Al. Jerozolimskie 158

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