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🤓 Native Mobile App Developer

3 200 - 4 800 USD net

🌍 Xfive | Starowiślna 46, Kraków


👉 Requirements:

  • Android / iOS 🔸🔸🔸🔸
  • 👉 Nice to have:

  • .Net 🔸
  • Job description

    We are looking for talented mid-level to senior native mobile app developers. You can be either an iOS developer, an Android developer or both.

    What we offer

    Tired of spending your valuable time dealing with clients directly, estimating, proposing, invoicing, and looking for clients who just disappear when the bill is due? When you join our team as a remote freelance contractor, we’ll handle all of this for you.


    General skills

    Development skills and experience

    Recruitment process

    This is how our recruitment process works:

    1. We will check your application and your project examples to see if you would be a good fit to our team. 
    2. If you pass the initial screening, we will invite you to a call interview focused on technical skills and knowledge.
    3. If you pass the 1st interview, we will invite you the 2nd interview focused on soft-skills.
    4. If you pass the 2nd interview, you will become a member of Xfive. Congratulations! :)
    For more details check out our blog post How we hire great developers.