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Characters Concept Artist (Unannounced Project)

Characters Concept Artist (Unannounced Project)

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As a Characters Concept Artist, you will be responsible for creating visually striking and realistic character designs that align with the artistic direction of a project. You will collaborate closely with the Art Director, game designers, and writers to bring the characters to life in a realistic game world. Your ability to translate ideas into detailed character designs and concepts, considering aspects such as appearance, costumes, accessories, and overall visual style, form and silhouette will be crucial. 

The ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio showcasing exceptional character design skills, with a focus on realistic art styles.

What will you do?

  • Collaborate with the Art Director, game designers, and writers to understand the characters' visual requirements and narrative context in the realistic game world.
  • Create high-quality concept art and designs for characters that align with the artistic vision of the game.
  • Develop detailed sketches, illustrations, and renderings that effectively communicate the personality, backstory, and unique qualities of each character.
  • Collaborate with the 3D modeling and animation teams to ensure the successful translation of character designs into realistic and high-fidelity in-game assets.
  • Iterate on character designs based on feedback from stakeholders, ensuring they align with the game's artistic vision and technical constraints.
  • Provide guidance and documentation to support the production artists and maintain visual consistency across the characters in the realistic setting.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, character design techniques, and relevant art styles within the context of realistic AAA games.

What are we looking for?

  • Strong portfolio showcasing exceptional character design skills, with a focus on realistic styles in the context of AAA games.
  • Proficiency in digital art software and tools, such as Photoshop, Procreate, or similar applications.
  • Solid understanding of human anatomy, proportions, facial expressions, clothing design, composition, lighting and realistic details.
  • Ability to create diverse and visually appealing character designs that align with the game's realistic artistic direction and target audience.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other artists and designers.
  • Proactive approach to research and staying updated on industry trends, art techniques, and new tools specific to realistic character design.
  • Passion for video games and a deep understanding of storytelling and character development in realistic game settings.

What additional skills will help you stand out?

  • Understanding of 3D character development and pipelines.
  • Knowledge of 3D software such as Zbrush and Blender.
  • Traditional art knowledge and background.


Benefits and perks are tailored to the local market and culture. Our benefits in Warsaw include:

  • Career development and education opportunities within the company
  • Premium Private Health Care 
  • Mental well-being program (iFeel)
  • Multisport card
  • Remote work
  • Personal Gaming Account 
  • Company events
  • Seniority Awards  
  • Referral program - you can recommend the best talents to the Company and receive a reward