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Fullstack Developer (Django+React)

Fullstack Developer (Django+React)

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New technologies added to "favorites"? Check. Close-knit team? Check! These are the hallmarks of ULAM LABS based in Wroclaw. Our natural environment is Web 3.0, and from there we pull out the most interesting gems, which we later turn into solid software. At work, we efficiently combine innovative developments with an individual approach to each project. Our goal is to create not only what is currently in trend, but also potentially opens new doors and can inspire our clients.

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As a Fullstack Developer at ULAM LABS, you will play a key role in creating innovative solutions by designing, implementing, and maintaining advanced Python-based applications. 

Who are we? 

We are ULAM LABS - a Wroclaw-based custom software development company specializing in creating complex products for companies, focusing on financial technologies. 

Project description 

An end-to-end digital platform integrating hospital staff with equipment suppliers and service maintenance teams to enhance operational efficiency. Ensures patients receive essential care by swiftly addressing hospital operational challenges. 

Case study:

Industry: MedTech 

Technology stack: Python, Django + Django Channels, Kubernetes + HELM, React, Azure, Flutter, PostgreSQL 

Team: Poland, 8 people (1x FS Dev & Tech Lead, 1x FE+Mobile Dev, 3x FS Devs, 1x FS + Mobile Dev, 2 QAs) and on the Client side (1x QA, 1x PM, 1x PD, 1x UXD) Client: From the UK 

Your daily missions 

  • Maintaining existing frontend services written in React + TS; 
  • Implementing frontend widgets basing on provided designs; 
  • Maintaining existing Django Channels + Django Rest Framework + creating new solutions; 
  • Keeping CI/CD system light green; 
  • Reviewing other team members' code and providing constructive feedback - (; 
  • Collaborating with other team members, including other developers and quality assurance specialists; 
  • Reporting progress, problems, and results of activities at daily team meetings;
  • Providing assistance and support to other team members in resolving project-related issues; 
  • Maintaining regular contact with the client, keeping them informed of progress, achievements, and any delays. 

Your profile 

  • 2+ years of experience in Python and React + TS programming; 
  • Great knowledge of the Django and Django Rest Framework; 
  • Some knowledge of asynchronous Python; 
  • Great knowledge of the Git version control system; 
  • Good understanding of and experience with SQL-based databases;
  • Passion for using pytest; 
  • Fluency in English (min. C1 level); 
  • Excellent communication skills. 

We appreciate the extras in you 

  • Experience in leading a team (both: tech lead skills and mentorship attitude are highly appreciated); 
  • A degree in computer science/mathematics or similar; 
  • Having some experience with Devops tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and HELM.

Why should you join us?

Our results come from a happy lifestyle that benefits from a healthy balance between work and play. Isn't that what everyone is looking for?

  • Remote work model. You can work in a hybrid model from our Wroclaw office during the probationary period, later you can switch to remote work.
  • Hardware. You will receive the new MacBook Pro, also for private use.
  • B2B Contract. With benefits and 24 days of paid break from B2B services. Probationary period: 3 months, next contract: long-term.
  • Learning and development. Co-financed English lessons and business courses, organized Meet-ups and ULAM TALKS for knowledge exchange.
  • Private healthcare Medicover. Your well-being and happiness are important to us, so we co-finance your medical plan.
  • Sports culture. We use a MultiSport card, run at Bieg Firmowy, and ride at FRRuu Wroclaw. Together!
  • The fun is on us! We go out to social get-togethers, play board games, and read books. We have it all at the office!

How do we recruit? 

Here's a general overview of our recruiting process for this position. 

  1. CV review. Your application will be carefully reviewed to know if you meet the basic requirements. 
  2. Phone interview. During the 20-min call, we will get to know each other better. Also by talking in English. 
  3. HR and technical meetings. This step is divided into two parts. The online HR interview includes a company presentation and an in-depth interview with soft questions. During the technical part, you can showcase all your talents by answering technical questions asked by your future supervisor. Here, you can also talk about the details of the role. 
  4. Decision. You can expect feedback from us. Once we are sure that you are a perfect fit for the role, we will prepare an offer for you. 
  5. Welcome onboard! Here, the onboarding process and amazing journey start! :) 

Onboarding first week 

We are excited to spend your first day with you in our office. You will get to know your dedicated Buddy and the whole team, meet your Leader - Michał Korzeniowski, and receive a welcome pack with all equipment you need for work. You will also complete the formalities of the contract, and have training on tools and health&safety. We will also tell you more about the company and our corporate culture. Time for a break and having coffee/tea and lunch on the house with your team. After the first week, you will already know your team and supervisor, be introduced to the projects, and learn your first duties in the new position. You will become familiar with the intranet and documentation of the projects you will be working on. You will finish the week with a feedback meeting hosted by the People & Culture team. 

Onboarding one month 

You will know all your responsibilities, and actively participate in team meetings. You will have cyclical 1:1 meetings with the Leader. After a month of cooperation, we expect you to do: 

  1. independent implementation of basic tasks in the project (creation of basic tickets).
  2. configuration of own local working environment. 
  3. resolving uncomplicated backend and frontend tickets. 
  4. active participation in planning meetings and task discussions.
  5. You will end the week with a feedback meeting, hosted by the People & Culture team. 

Onboarding three months 

After two months of successful cooperation, you will talk to your Leader about how you are working with us. We look forward to your feedback. After the whole onboarding, you will already be fully implemented in the projects and your responsibilities, and you will master all the names of our employees! :)