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Team Platform Growth is responsible for supporting the platform teams at Text, which are involved in working with developers who create an application for our Marketplace or use our API. We create the platform

In essence, our role involves empowering our Platform teams to expand their reach and nurture relationships with both new and existing developers.

We're in the business of making life easier for developers. We craft content tailored to their needs, maintain open lines of communication, and develop tools to streamline their workflow. Additionally, we're committed to assisting those seeking to automate their daily tasks.

Oh, and we're not just about flying solo. We're big on teaming up with other squads for cross-team projects.

Bottom line: if you're itching for some serious development challenges, you're in the right place with us.

You will be responsible for:

  • Crafting landing pages, designs, and various visual assets tailored for articles, social media platforms, and newsletters, ensuring they are optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing;
  • Actively engaging with team members and other Platform Teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of our business objectives and seamlessly integrate your innovative ideas into our strategies;
  • Evaluating the performance of your projects, drawing actionable conclusions, and recommending adjustments based on metrics;
  • Conducting thorough research and data analysis, including ongoing market assessments, to identify best practices and product trends;
  • Seeking out and proposing tools that automate and streamline daily work while staying up-to-date with trends and information related to design.

You may be a good fit for this role if you:

  • Bring a wealth of experience and proficiency in design, particularly in utilizing Figma;
  • Are up-to-date with the latest tech trends and have a solid grasp of what developers need;
  • Are genuinely interested in diving deep into the world of programming and tech—it's your playground, and you're ready to explore every corner of it;
  • Demonstrate a knack for crafting efficient and visually captivating landing pages, newsletters, and other visual assets, catering to both desktop and mobile platforms;
  • Possess a strong analytical mindset, adept at evaluating design performance through data-driven metrics, including expertise in CRO;
  • Understand the basics of SEO and can apply them to your projects;
  • Have a diverse portfolio spanning various domains such as B2B, digital products, SaaS, artificial intelligence, and similar projects;
  • Showcase your capability to autonomously oversee end-to-end project implementation;
  • Embrace a proactive approach to your work, actively contributing ideas, proposing innovative solutions, and taking initiative without waiting for explicit guidance;
  • Are adept at presenting and demonstrating your ideas, employing concrete arguments in your daily work;
  • Are open to expanding your skill set by exploring new visual forms;
  • Have experience in Web Animations (nice to have).