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Join Text innovative AI Engineering team! We’re looking for versatile engineer eager to shape the future of AI and unlock the full potential of projects across LiveChat and more. 

As an AI Engineer, you will work alongside Grzegorz and Łukasz, collaborate with our Data Scientists and MLOps Engineer, and dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence, unfurling the potential of generative AI and machine learning models driving forward the implementation of cognitive architecture. 

Our goal is to enhance the expertise of our conversational Live Assistant and build a platform for custom AI Agents.

What will you be doing? 

  • Lead the R&D for AI features, focusing on creating and improving Prompting Frameworks.
  • Contribute to conversational bots, multi-agent infrastructure and knowledge graph development, assessing their integration into our ecosystem.
  • Make data-driven decisions by crafting and overseeing A/B tests and generating actionable insights from metrics.
  • Provide expert insights for business strategy, focusing on ROI, trends, and technological advancements.
  • Lead by example in Team Education. Foster a collaborative environment, sharing technical insights, and heightening team expertise in AI and autonomous agents.

Join us if you have: 

  • Proficiency in Python, TypeScript, and adeptness in text processing, semantic search systems, and similar technologies.
  • Understanding of generative AI and LLM applications, coupled with know-how in Prompt Engineering.
  • Experience with OpenAI, Huggingface, Vector Databases, and familiarity with the LangChain ecosystem or similar. 
  • Fluent knowledge of English and Polish. 
  • Good communication skills.
  • A collaborative spirit, ready to engage with the team, share knowledge, and respect feedback.
  • Ownership mindset, with sharp analytical acumen, creativity.

At Text, we’re on a mission to help brands deliver top-notch customer service at scale by analyzing, enriching, and automating text communication. Are you ready for an adventure where your work makes a real difference? Apply to Text and join our team!