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    Senior Data Scientist

    Senior Data Scientist

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    This position is responsible for:

    • Identifies and assesses data source relevance (internal and external) in collaboration with subject matter experts and IDS stakeholders.
    • Develops innovative solutions to DSI analytics challenges, leveraging data mining, feature engineering, scenario modeling, advanced algorithms, machine learning, experimental design, and hypothesis testing.
    • Collaborates with the development team to integrate pertinent analytics and data into digital services effectively.
    • Proposes enhancements to digital service business metrics, promoting data-driven decision-making.
    • Structures and presents data insights in a readily understandable manner for external stakeholders.
    • Conducts training and education on data science techniques for key stakeholders, fostering a deeper understanding and application.
    • Mentors junior data scientists and analysts, providing guidance on projects and promoting a culture of learning and innovation within the data science team
    • Champions the use of industry-standard data science tools and technologies, continuously evaluating emerging trends to ensure the adoption of best practices and cutting-edge techniques within the organization.
    • Lead and facilitates cross-functional collaboration with the business senior leaders, and operations departments to align AI activities with broader business objectives.
    • Oversees the data science team's project portfolio, ensuring alignment with strategic business goals and prioritizing projects based on impact and resource availability.
    • Chairs regular stakeholder meetings to review project progress, address challenges, and adjust project directions based on feedback and business priorities.
    • Represents the organization at industry conferences and seminars, sharing insights and best practices while enhancing the company's profile in the data science community.
    • Develops a comprehensive talent development plan to build and maintain a high-performance data science team, including recruitment, training, and career development strategies.


    • Bachelor's degree required, Master's or PhD preferred in Data Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or Statistics (Experience can compensate for lack of formal competency).
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in data science, data engineering, data analysis, or software development.
    • Minimum 5 to 7 years of programming experience in R, Python, or other data science languages.
    • Proficient in creating and optimizing SQL and shell scripts.
    • Proficient in analyzing, wrangling, and joining diverse datasets.
    • Proficient in using machine learning platforms to design, build, test, refine, and deploy predictive models.
    • Skilled in deploying and maintaining AI technologies in cloud environments.
    • Highly advanced in building high-quality graphical visualizations of data.
    • Capable of effectively structuring information and communicating insights in presentations.
    • Capable of writing and reviewing code in SQL, R, and Python. Requirements from Level Guide