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    Machine Learning Engineer
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    Machine Learning Engineer

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    STX Next

    We are the largest Europe’s Python Powerhouse. Within the company, we maintain a constant exchange of ideas for development, self-actualization, and innovation. This translates into the atmosphere of sheer fun that we strive to maintain in our work.

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    Online interview

    Hi there!

    We are the biggest European Python Powerhouse with over 19 years of experience, and deep commitment to Agile principles. Join a group of 500+ professionals dedicated to helping customers build outstanding products. 

    Are you the NEXT one?



    Core values

    We believe that every problem has a solution, often hidden and not so obvious. Our job is to work them out and the best are born from imagination, cooperation and craftsmanship.

    How do we work?

    We work with clients for their benefit and the benefit of their target users. We often act as consultants and architects, people who tear down the existing order, introducing changes and innovations. But just as often we act as craftsmen who must deliver software of the highest quality.

    What will daily work look like?

    You will be assigned to a team working on a project for one of our foreign clients. Your responsibilities will include: identifying research goals, literature review, formulating hypotheses, data collection & analysis, experimentation and testing.


    What is expected of you?

    The role of a Machine Learning Engineer has many variations, we are not looking for someone who is good at everything, but people with in-depth knowledge of a particular domain of NLP, Computer Vision or Recommender systems. What is important to us is the foundation and basic understanding of the problems and ideas behind ML.We use ML methods in practice so we also value the ability to implement models in the form of API or integration with the client's system.


    We expect knowledge of:

    • Strong fundamentals of machine learning:
    • types of ml problems: classification, regression, clustering, etc
    • common evaluation measures: precision, recall, F1, IoU, ROUGE etc
    • scikit-learn models (random forest, SVM, xgboost), ensemble models etc.
    • understanding dimension reduction techniques (PCA, TSNE, Umap)
    • Data preparation and visualization libraries (pandas, matplotlib etc.).
    • Knowledge of current neural networks architectures (RNN, CNN, Transformers) and methods (transfer learning).
    • Documented experience with one of the libraries: PyTorch or Tensorflow.
    • Good knowledge of relational databases and experience with one of : PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle.
    • Familiarity with Python.


    Soft skills:

    • Good communication skills in English (minimum B2).
    • Problem solving and analytical thinking.
    • Be nice and friendly.


    ✔Work-life balance

    We are open to discussing individual needs. Set up working hours and limited remote work scheduled with your team and manager, in a way that works for both sides.

    ✔Reimbursed private medical care (Medicover) and Multisport

    We care about the health and well-being of our colleagues. Choose a sports card and dedicated medical care for yourself and your relatives.

    ✔Leader’s support

    Conferences’, internal trainings’ and permanent meetups’ speakers – join the STX Next crew and work with true enthusiasts and professionals!

    ✔Technology focus

    Python and JavaScript are not our only strengths, we are also very good at React Native, IoT, Machine Learning, .Net, DevOps and Blockchain.

    ✔Growth review

    Junior, Regular or Senior? Every half a year we have a chance to discuss acquired skills and prepare a development plan for upcoming months.


    Team trips where you have a chance as a team not only to work together, but also integrate f2f.

    📜Recruitment process:

    1. Hi!

    Are you interested in our offer? Feel free to apply by attaching your CV and we will contact you within 24 hours.

    2. Let's get to know each other

    Google meeting - The meeting will last no more than 1h.

    3. Show us what you can do

    Technical verification is a good time to show your superpowers! The technical interview is a meeting based on tasks, a case study, and practical and theoretical questions. The meeting will last approx. 2h.

    4. Time for a decision

    We value your time and commitment- regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process, we will return to you with a decision and extensive feedback. Upon completion of the recruitment, we will also be happy to know your feedback about our recruitment process.