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🤓 PHP Fullstack Developer

10 000 - 12 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Schibsted Tech Polska | Grunwaldzka 472, Gdańsk


We're looking for a self-reliant PHP Fullstack Developer to work with Norwegian project KickBack. KickBack is an online cashback and reward service where users save money on every purchase. The company operates an e-commerce platform that has currently three distinct products (cashback, vouchers and content monetization) and connects over 1500 merchants with customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland (coming soon).

What you will do runs an old version of Drupal and interfaces with a Java backend. In the last two years, we have been focused on building voucher code sites, using Drupal 8 to manage content, with backend services based on Node.js. The immediate focus of this position will be on the cashback product.

The plan is to build a new cashback platform based on Drupal 8 and interface with the backend services we have developed for the voucher code sites. The intention is to develop a new site for Sweden (, test it on a small user base, and then transition to the new platform.

At this stage, we have a prototype of the user interface, an object model, and a clear scope for the minimum, viable product.

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