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🤓 Python Developer

7 000 - 8 500 PLN netto

🌍 RST Software House | Skarbowców 23b, Wrocław


We're a group of developers, testers, project managers - Agile enthusiast. We build foreign startups - web and mobile applications in Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Android and iOS (Swift).

The newest project is built in Python 3.6, there is no old-style Django (if so, DRF only). We like new solutions - we prefer to write projects in Python rather than in concrete technology (e.g. boilerplate Django). In the newest project, there is async API (async io, AIO HTTP) and SQLAlchemy, Flask and Machine Learning library. We use TDD. When it comes to DevOps, we're doing everything in dockers in AWS infrastructure (ECS).

We're looking for someone who:
- has commercial experience in Python and Django
- knows Redis/Celery/RabbitMQ
- worked with MySQL or PostSQL
- knows Linux

Big plus for:
- Flask

You will:
- work with new technologies
- develop Python applications
- take care of quality of code
- implement new solutiions

- Git, GitHub, JIRA