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AI/LLM Engineer
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AI/LLM Engineer

QED Software
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Tech stack

    AI - DNN & LLM
    OpenAI Rest API
    Prompt Engineering
    Machine Learning
    Asynchronous Programming
    Computer Vision
    nice to have
    Audio signal processing
    nice to have
    nice to have
    nice to have

Job description

Online interview

What you’ll do

You will be a key figure in our Engineering Department, responsible for operationalizing innovative methods and solutions derived from our own R&D as well as the latest AI/LLM technologies.

You will be responsible for leveraging machine learning libraries and frameworks to create and fine-tune models that can understand and produce language based on prompts.

The Engineering Department is dedicated to delivering commercial-quality solutions as the final product. While focusing on delivering these solutions, we remain committed to periodically revisiting research activities to ensure a continual synergy between our engineering efforts and ongoing research endeavors. We work both on big in-house projects as well as cooperate with partners in specific implementations. 

What you need to know

  • 3 years of experience in machine learning in python
  • deep understanding of neural networks with focus on generative LLM
  • experience in prompt engineering
  • knowledge of OpenAI REST API and their python package
  • understanding of asynchronous programming paradigm

Nice to have

  • experience in audio signal processing for analyzing and generating audio content. Knowledge of models that can generate speech or music would be beneficial.
  • proficiency in pydantic and instructor
  • NLP knowledge especially spacy/gensim packages
  • understanding of backend RESTful frameworks especially fastapi
  • experience with NoSQL databases especially DynamoDB
  • experience with AWS machine learning and ETL stack 
  • familiarity with web scraping, e.g. css selectors, html tags
  • experience with Computer Vision: knowledge of CV libraries and frameworks (e.g., OpenCV, TensorFlow, or PyTorch) 
  • familiarity with generative models for images and video: understanding of generative models beyond text, such as GANs and VAEs
  • deep understanding of RAG architecture and experience in fine-tuning RAG models for specific domains or tasks

We offer:

  • market-based salary adjusted to your skills; 
  • flexible working hours; 
  • 26 days of paid leave
  • partially remote 
  • internal trainings;
  • 10% of work time for self-development;