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🤓 Scala Software Engineer

4 150 - 7 500 USD gross

🌍 Pyrofex Corporation | 1145 S 800 E, Suite 211, Orem


👉 Requirements:

  • Scala 🔸🔸🔸🔸

  • About You
    You collaborate well with others to design and architect our complex systems. You take the amorphous sets of needs and use cases and distill these into written designs and specifications. You demonstrate a fastidious attention to detail, knowledge of your programming tools, and the ability to regularly produce working, correct code.

    Pyrofex hires engineers at all levels of experience—from current students to engineers with decades of experience. After all, one of our founders has a Ph.D., and the other dropped out of college, twice! The path we've taken to get this far is unique and we suspect the same will be true of our best employees.

    We are most interested in hiring programmers with knowledge of functional programming, a background in computer science, and can program in Scala. However, if you think this job is for you, we'll take a look.

    About the Job
    Our Software Engineers will help us deliver various products and platforms, which are written in Scala, C/C++, Python, Rust, and JavaScript. The engineers on this team will design, implement, test, deploy, and manage a large-scale global software system using Linux and the JVM. Pyrofex builds cryptocurrency systems and large-scale distributed and decentralized applications.

    Five years ago, we thought things like SRE and DevOps would make it clear what "deploy and manage" meant for the future, but now we know we were wrong. The future is changing too fast and our job is to keep up. That said, from time to time, we all have to get out of bed at 2AM to deal with something broken.