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🤓 UX Designer

8 000 - 10 000 PLN net

🌍 LiveChat Software SA | Zwycięska 47, Wrocław


👉 Requirements:

  • UX/UI Design 🔸🔸🔸🔸
  • Adobe Photoshop 🔸🔸🔸🔸
  • UI skills 🔸🔸🔸
  • By joining the Growth Team, you will make sure the user experience is held on the top-notch level in every action that will make us reach $100M+ of annual recurring revenue and 1k+ paid clients a month. You’ll work in a cross-skilled team that has the privileges to optimize and improve any part of the LiveChat application (including pricing or business model).

    You’ll identify the “why” behind all the quantitative data and enrich it with qualitative insights from archived chats, screen recordings, competitor analysis, user testing or other sources you find valuable. Braced with that knowledge you’ll put these insights in action by creating user stories and interactive prototypes, user-testing and tight cooperation with the growth team’s developers.

    We work in short iterations – we launch and test new ideas quickly, usually over 1-2 week sprints. You will take part in the business discussions on what will bring the highest impact, have the possibility to come up and conduct your own tests and measure the impact of your changes almost immediately.

    More about us:

    We work in autonomous, cross-skilled product teams that consist of: Frontend Developers, Product Designers, and Product Manager;
    We love working together, focusing on customers and product ideas, creating the best possible solution in the fastest way, testing it with customers and moving fast;
    We’re strong proponents of teamwork, but also strong believers in individual freedom and autonomy.

    Your skills:

    You’re asking WHY first;
    You’re passionate about user-centric design, customers and creating an online product that’s delivering value for its users;
    A proactive attitude toward coming up with new test ideas and implementing them;
    You have the Growth Mindset, meaning you are used to testing as much things as possible, deliver them fast, iterate rapidly, and fail fast (sometimes);
    You’re not scared of taking risks and ditching a part of unsuccessful test or product and move further without losing passion and focus on Growth;
    You know how to work with numbers and analytics and conduct properly A/B test;
    You can drive a whole design process by yourself, from discovering pains and gathering job stories, through simple wireframing to high-fidelity designs;
    You understand developers and you know how to communicate with them since your role is tightly connected with development;
    You’re a good communicator, able to explain and defend your decisions, expectations, and ideas to the team and conduct team discussions;
    You’re self-organized, disciplined and experienced in both UX and UI;
    You’re up-to-date with new design trends;
    You’re fluent in written/spoken English;
    Sketch and Zeplin are your best friends (creating interactive prototypes are a nice-to-have);
    Copywriting and ability to code would get you bonus points;
    You understand the basics of the SaaS business model as well as the related concepts like churn, retention and so on.

    What we guarantee:

    a skilled and self-organized product team you can be a part of;
    a product (or a problem) to take care of;
    independence and any tool you need to successfully deliver value to the customers;
    an opportunity to learn and grow in a positive and friendly working environment boosted by mentoring;
    a place to work in our beautiful office in Wrocław;
    access to great IT equipment;
    flexible working hours and awesome people to work with and to learn from.