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Senior Product Designer - Design Systems

Senior Product Designer - Design Systems

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Keyloop bridges the gap between dealers, manufacturers, technology suppliers and car buyers.

We empower car dealers and manufacturers to fully embrace digital transformation. How? By creating innovative technology that makes selling cars better for our customers, and buying and owning cars better for theirs.

We use cutting-edge technology to link our clients’ systems, departments and sites. We provide an open technology platform that’s shaping the industry for the future. We use data to help clients become more efficient, increase profitability and give more customers an amazing experience.

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Senior Product Designer - Design Systems  

It’s been widely publicised that a Design System should be treated like a product and that is because ultimately it is. At Keyloop we are at the early stages of doing just that and we’re looking for an exceptional Senior Product Designer to join the team to work alongside a dedicated Product Manager and engineering team with the goal of creating a unified, consistent and scalable design system across multiple business areas inc. SaaS software and Platform applications.  

This a fantastic role and we’re looking for someone who has demonstrable experience of doing this before ideally in an enterprise environment. You’ll be used to being the voice of design across front end and engineering. Along side the wider Product Design team you’ll represent Design and UX across the business to ensure strategic alignment. 

Role objectives: 

  • Lead Keyloop’s design system initiative from initial stages to implementation, ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints. 
  • Work side by side with architects and front end devs in the Design system team and wider engineering teams to implement and maintain design system components using frontend technologies React and MUI 
  • Be the glue between design and front end 
  • Work with a team of product designers who are aligned to projects to develop better ways of working and consistency across product design 
  • Develop and maintain design system documentation, including style guides and interaction patterns. 
  • Accessibility and compliance: Ensure that the product meets accessibility standards to be usable by everyone, including people with specific needs 
  • Collaborate with product teams to understand user needs and translate them into intuitive and accessible design solutions. 
  • Conduct design reviews and provide constructive feedback to ensure adherence to design system principles and best practices. 


This is a senior role and requires demonstrable experience of working on and delivering design systems from design files through to built front end components - Ideally in large-scale enterprise environments. 

  • Exceptional proficiency in Figma. 
  • Familiarity with design tokens, CSS preprocessors, and design-to-code workflows. 
  • Experience working with frontend technologies such as MUI, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Strong understanding of design principles, typography, colour theory, and layout techniques. 
  • Experience in design of information architecture, navigation, and interactions to deliver best in class, innovative and elegant user experiences. 
  • Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development environment. 
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to articulate design decisions and rationale. 
  • Portfolio showcasing your design system work and demonstrating your ability to solve complex design challenges. 
  • Has excellent design process knowledge and deep routed understanding of creating delightful front end experiences 
  • Provides design leadership and facilitates effective team interaction. 

Communication (Be active, show your workings) 

  • Clear and open communication with stakeholders & colleagues to keep work moving forward. and resolve issues before they become a problem 
  • Comfortable planning and facilitating collaborative group activities 
  • Able to present ideas in a compelling fashion 
  • Actively seeks feedback on their own work, and actively seeks to offer it on others 
  • Actively communicates the outcomes of success measurements to the relevant stakeholders 

Problem Solving (Clarify the brief, be systematic) 

  • Proactively identifies, owns and acts on problems worth solving 
  • Confidently follows a process and can explain it clearly to others 
  • Coordinates and oversees UX activity on their project, ensuring that everything that affects the experience is in their view, understood and discussed, or dealt with 
  • Can tackle conflict or areas of improvement confidently and positively 

Empathy (Nurture relationships, seek understanding of customers) 

  • Develops network of strong working relationships both within the immediate team and beyond. 
  • Able to confront and navigate challenging situations but remain in demand as a team member 
  • Supports colleagues, spots stress in others and flags it 
  • Deeply understands the needs of the user or customer in any initiative, and spread that understanding to colleagues and stakeholders. 

Design (Be led by customer understanding, explore possibilities) 

  • Able to clearly articulate the intention and function of everything they produce to stakeholders and build partners 
  • Owns the design system. Knows when to follow patterns and when to challenge them 
  • Seeks to rigorously measure the impact of design work, using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative mechanisms 

Strategy (ask why, consider the wider context) 

  • Broad understanding of the strategy of the business, and translating that into direction and approach 
  • Asks critical questions about the team and company’s strategy, plan and direction 
  • Able to conduct and analyse research  

Leadership (Support others, share knowledge) 

  • Reviews work in the team and offers structured, incisive and actionable feedback 
  • Supports team members in their growth, offering informal ad hoc advice sessions and catch ups 
  • Can formally coach or train people outside the design team to learn new skills, techniques and ways of working

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We’re on a journey to become market leaders in our space – and with that comes some incredible opportunities. Collaborate and learn from industry experts from all over the globe. Work with game-changing products and services. Get the training and support you need to try new things, adapt to quick changes and explore different paths. Join Keyloop and progress your career, your way.


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We’re committed to fostering an inclusive work environment. One that respects all dimensions of diversity. We promote an inclusive culture within our business, and we celebrate different employees and lifestyles – not just on key days, but every day.


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We believe people should be paid based on their performance so our pay and benefits reflect this and are designed to attract the very best talent. We encourage everyone in our organisation to explore opportunities which enable them to grow their career through investment in their development but equally by working in a culture which fosters support and unbridled collaboration.