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🤓 C Software Developer

6 000 - 12 000 PLN gross

🌍 infinIT Codelab | Piotra Skargi 3, Wrocław


👉 Requirements:

  • C 🔸🔸🔸
  • We’d like you to join us.
    Since you are here, we assume you are passionate about programming, fascinated with code, and possibly – maybe – you are a real coding craftsman. If you, from time to time, feel proud when writing the code… If you obsess over implement robust and optimal solutions… If you think code might be beautiful and ways to make it elegant are infinite…
    We also are infinIT.
    And we are the codelab.
    So it looks like we fit to each other, doesn’t it? We are IT and product development  services provider focused on the innovations behind the connected world of tomorrow. We specialize in building cars, but we also helped making the planes and helicopters fly. We create tiny embedded devices which surround you in modern buildings, shopping malls, factories or even in public transport. We create huge web portals and beautifully designed mobile applications; but we’re also in IoT area and we deploy automated contact centers of the future. As you can see, we do a whole bunch of things. You surely can find something for yourself. 
    We expect this in return:
    And so, we can make you responsible of:
    And also it would be nice if you:

    Join us then, why wouldn’t you?