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🤓 JavaScript (React) Developer

2 000 - 3 500 EUR net

🌍 Humeo Recruitment sp. z o. o. | Szczepańska 7/12, Kraków

🖥 http://Humeo Recruitment sp. z o. o.

👉 Requirements:

  • JavaScript (ES6+) 🔸🔸🔸🔸
  • ReactJS 🔸🔸🔸
  • Did you ever have a problem with unclear vague and hard-to-understand tutorial? Or worked in a company where all their procedures seemed to be overly complicated? 

    So did founders of Stonly. They’ve realized that a lot these complicated processes can be explained in a very simple way if you have the tool that will force you to present it in an easy way. 

    That’s basically the idea and philosophy behind their product. To present complex issues in steps as simple as possible (but not simpler ;)). Their product provide a way step-by-step instructions how to solve a problem. You can put many different scenarios, add pictures, pieces of code and many other extras, to make your explanation easier and more aesthetically appealing.  

    Their product can be used in f.e. support, user on-boarding, employee training, internal knowledge sharing, internal and external documentation, interactive white-paper 

    Most important: People

    Stonly is created 6 passionate people who are really engaged and passionate about what they do. They don’t care about your formal years of experience, education, certificates, or anything else of that kind of stuff. They’re looking for someone who will care about the product, write a good code, and will fit with the rest of the team.  

    You’ll love working for Stonly if you:

    - Know your way around JavaScript and React (and have some commercial experience with it). 
    - Give a damn about your work, care about code quality and want to contribute to the product. 
    - Working in flat structure with a lot of autonomy and trust 
    - Prefer to listen to your common sense instead of following pointless rules 
    - Care about your self-development 
    - Want to have insights in company business situation (yup, they’re really transparent) 

    What you can also expect from Stonly:

    - Salary: 2 000 - 3 500 Euro net/month   
    - Contract: B2B (with paid vacation 26 days/year) 
    - Office: Zamkowa 2, Kraków