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Odoo and Big Data Architect
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Odoo and Big Data Architect

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As a Software Integration Engineer with expertise in Big Data technologies and Odoo, you will play a pivotal role in our product development team, contributing to the delivery of high-quality software solutions. Your responsibilities will encompass the integration of Odoo with Big Data technologies, particularly Apache Druid and Apache Superset, to enable advanced data processing and visualization capabilities. This role is instrumental in driving the integration of Big Data capabilities with Odoo for advanced data processing and visualization, particularly in the context of medical applications. Your expertise in software integration, performance optimization, and data security will be critical in delivering high-quality software solutions.


Odoo and Big Data

You will be responsible for:

  • Collaborate on integrating Apache Druid as a data source within the Odoo environment, enabling seamless data access and processing,
  • Leverage Apache Superset as a powerful visualization, dashboarding, and reporting tool within the Odoo platform, providing users with insightful data representation,
  • Handle data management, including Master Data in Odoo PostgreSQL and Big Data in Apache Druid, ensuring data integrity and accessibility,
  • Implement role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms in Odoo,
  • Apply record-level security ensuring data privacy and compliance,
  • Enable seamless login to Apache Superset and Druid Admin views through the Odoo login and user interface for a cohesive user experience,
  • Work on performance improvements to enhance the overall system efficiency,
  • Conduct unit, system, performance, and security scans to validate the integrity and reliability of developed software components,
  • Create and maintain containerized deployment solutions,
  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues in a timely and accurate manner, 
  • Create technical documentation for developed software components.

We require:

  • Fluency in English,
  • Proven experience (5+) as a Software Integration Engineer with a strong track record in integrating Big Data technologies into software applications,
  • Proficiency in Odoo, including a deep understanding of its architecture and capabilities,
  • Experience with Apache Druid and Apache Superset for data processing and visualization,
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex software issues,
  • Familiarity with role-based access control (RBAC) and data security concepts,
  • Knowledge of containerization with Docker and Kubernetes,
  • Experience with CI/CD processes using GitLab,
  • Experience with integrations, REST APIs, Kafka, XML, and WCF,
  • Proficiency in Linux and Windows operating systems,
  • Database expertise, including RDBMS, MariaDB, and SQL queries.

We offer:

  • Your salary will be highly correlated with your skills and mindset: from 32.000 up to 36.000+ gross PLN,
  • Participating in the newest technology solutions, classified products and services,
  • A company culture based on autonomy, high trust & accountability,
  • Relocation package and support if needed,
  • Being part of an ambitious company with a lot of growth opportunities awarded with Great Place to Work® 2023,
  • Playing a crucial role in the development team,
  • Waking up in the morning knowing you are making a difference,
  • Working in an agile culture with exposure to the international environment.


Recruitment process steps:

  • Send your CV via H4H form or Just Join IT
  • A 10-20-minute phone call with H4H IT Consultant to enrich your application with missing details.
  • A 15-30-minute video call with our Partner’s Tech Leader, to evaluate your skills. We may redo it whether we have some better job offers for you.
  • A 15-30-minute video call with end Client representatives - automotive component manufacturing company to ensure good understanding of the role for your side and enable you to ask any questions regarding your new role.
  • A short video call or phone call with our Partner’s HR Business Partner to check in depth the alignment between you and values and culture of the Company. Financial negotiations are welcomed :)
  • Welcome aboard!


About our recruitment process:

Our recruitment process is tailored to do our best to avoid you or we realize that we’re not a perfect fit in two or six months. It might seem long, but every step serves a purpose and will allow us to get to know you better as much as it’ll help you understand more where you’ll be stepping in.

We also want you to have time to ask all your questions regarding your job description, the long-term vision of your team and the company, our values, with the relevant interlocutor in front of you.

The steps mentioned above can be rearranged depending on your and the interviewer’s availability.


How to nail your application:

  • Tailor your CV & application to our specific job description and company. Attention to detail is important as an employee as it is as an applicant!
  • Complete the different steps of the application process in a timely manner, to ensure you don’t miss out on this opportunity!
  • Help us synchronize your availability with our Managers’ calendars to fulfil the video calls.
  • Prepare your interviews and the questions you will ask at each step, depending on who’s conducting it.
  • Any copy-pasted or non-personalized application will not be considered. Non-UE citizens will not be considered due to project requirements.