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    Adaptive Autosar Software Integration Engineer IRC204387

    Adaptive Autosar Software Integration Engineer IRC204387

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      Adaptive Autosar






      integration testing




    Job description

    Online interview

    GlobalLogic is inviting an experienced Adaptive Autosar Software Integration Engineer to join our engineering team.

    Testing or not testing? That’s the question…

    We want to help you make a decision so if you have solid commercial experience in testing automotive software but there’s also a place in your heart for code written in C or C++ take advantage of an opportunity and join us!

    We are looking for a Senior Adaptive Autosar Software Integration Engineer who wants to shape the future by creating cutting-edge solutions. We are working on the most captivating experiences in the latest frontier of automotive technology. When you join us, you will be part of a team for the validation activities in the next-generation vehicle controllers and software platform.

    In your daily work, you will come into contact with the new architecture that will integrate new and advanced software functions for cloud connectivity, EDGE processing, thus enabling highly automated driving and advanced connectivity features.

    Not only will you gain experience in a highly valued area, but you will also have fun being part of an efficient team. Don’t wait, just apply!


    The ideal candidate will possess excellent and demonstrated skills in embedded software development in C++, and experience in integrating software with adaptive AUTOSAR middleware. The job also requires working familiarity with software integration, testing, and a good understanding of modern vehicle software architectures.

    Necessary Skills to Succeed in this Position

    • Adaptive AUTOSAR software integration
    • strong familiarity with Adaptive AUTOSAR architecture, Functional Groups/Clusters, Base Software Integration
    • development in C++
    • Build – Bazel/Cmake
    • QEMU – or other posix emulators
    • Scripting – Bash, Python
    • Python Test Framework
    • Ubuntu PC based development familiarity
    • QNX OS know-how, (or EBCorbos)
    • ARXML design, ARXML Authoring tools (Vector Tool Suite), and ARXML Parsing
    • GDB – or other Runtime debugger familiarity
    • Familiarity with model-based system engineering and the V software lifecycle model
    • Familiarity with virtualization and containerization
    • Computer network programming experience, and familiarity with Ethernet and CAN
    • Possess strong initiatives and problem solving skills

    Preferable qualifications

    • Experience working within an Agile/SAFE software development process
    • Experience with industry cryptographic protocols
    • Familiarity with functional safety code analysis tools


    The duties for this role include software integration, release-testing, deployment of Adaptive AUTOSAR stack, and deriving verification and validation criteria for AUTOSAR requirements. The candidate will work with cross-functional teams that are responsible for implementing the software development life cycle, starting from requirements and ending with validation.


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