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🤓 DevOps Engineer

13 000 - 20 000 PLN gross

🌍 FLYR | Dekerta 24, Kraków


👉 Requirements:

  • Docker / Kubernetes 🔸🔸🔸🔸
  • Python 🔸🔸🔸
  • At FlyR, we're changing the way airline industries use data to ease the traveler’s experience — from dynamic pricing, elastic demand forecasting, to bundling the best offers for end users. We’re taking off on a mission to deliver a real-time prediction and tracking platform to major travel industry partners, each with millions of consumers hungry for a new, first-rate travel shopping experience.

    To achieve this vision, we’re looking for a talented & diverse group of DevOPS Engineer who love traveling and solving technical complexities to join our rapidly growing startup in Kraków.

    Our Engineering team is responsible for all things data infrastructure — building scalable data flows, crafting service architectures, and bringing leading-edge ML-based products to market.

    As a team of engineers, we strongly believe in fostering an environment for intellectually interesting work that advances your career progression on this journey. Let’s get you on board soon.

    What will your destination look like at FlyR?

    What can you bring on this trip?


    FusionRM, our dynamic revenue management platform, used by major commercial airlines both internationally and domestically. FusionRM unlocks unique opportunities by leveraging a forecasting platform that was built from the ground up to use machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques throughout an airline's commerce funnel. Our platform is growing with strong customer demand for this game-changing tool. 

    Funding: Total $24M to date, including top tier investors such as Peter Thiel, JetBlue (one of the United States' largest airlines), Streamlined Ventures, AXA, Amadeus, Western Technology Investment (WTI), and more

    About us: