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πŸ€“ Python Engineer Strong at Elasticsearch

17 000 - 21 000 PLN net

🌍 DevsData | Al. Jerozolimskie 181B, Warszawa


πŸ‘‰ Requirements:

  • Elasticsearch πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • English πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • Python πŸ”ΈπŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • Docker πŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • Back-End microservices architecture πŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • AWS / Cloud πŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • DevOps πŸ”ΈπŸ”Έ
  • πŸ‘‰ Nice to have:

  • Algorithms πŸ”Έ
  • Graph theory πŸ”Έ
  • JavaScript πŸ”Έ
  • .‼️ [Mid/Senior Python Developer heavily experienced at πŸ‘‰ElasticSearchπŸ‘ˆ!] ‼️

    πŸ’°  16 - 21k. PLN net on invoice (B2B) a month: Depending on your skill at Elastic Search
    🌎  Remotely or in Warsaw office - up to you
    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ  Optional 2-week-long on-site visit in the US included - all expenses covered
    πŸ•¦  Full-time engagement
    βŒ› Duration: long-term project with 4 months of trial period
    🏁 Start: beginning of mid-march 2019

    Yet another time we search for extraordinary people to join our nerdy crew! :)

    The project involves an above-average degree of software design conceptual thinking, back-end performance optimization, algorithmic thinking and communication/brainstorming with business-oriented people. 

    Strong experience with ElasticSearch is absolutely necessary. 

    If you are looking for an easy next project/job, or quick cash - there are better offers out there.

    However, if you really intend to grow as a software developer/architect, and to do it quickly, and want to surround yourself with, learn from people really passionate about the technology, 
    this is the offer to consider.

    πŸ”₯  Requirements:
    β˜‘οΈ Good understanding of and practical experience with Elastic Search
    β˜‘οΈ Fluency in Python
    β˜‘οΈ  Conversational English (minimum B2, ideally C1 or above)
    β˜‘οΈ  Basis of Docker and AWS Cloud (EC2, S3)

    πŸ”₯  Big pluses:
    β˜‘οΈ  Studied Computer Science at prestigious university (for instance MIM UW, AGH, Politechnika Warsaw EiTI or similar)
    β˜‘οΈ  Experience with Solr or Apache Lucene
    β˜‘οΈ  Good organizational and communication skills, technical reliability (!)
    β˜‘οΈ  Confidence and experience in building complex Back-End applications based on microservices architecture
    β˜‘οΈ  Interest in and understanding of algorithms, optimization - especially in relation to graph theory  
    β˜‘οΈ  If you consider yourself a nerd :) and are passionate about the technology, that's a big plus

    πŸ”₯  Nice to haves:
    β˜‘οΈ  Basic experience with JavaScriptu and Vue.js

    The goal of the project is to enhance and further develop the system for matching business entities related to tax evasion in the US. You will be cooperating with a team of native speakers (technical people, business people, and senior management) which is an excellent opportunity to hone not only the technical expertise or English skills, but also business-oriented communication and system design skills. 

    The collaboration is remote - you will set the time and place to perform the duty yourself. However, there will be regular video conferences with people from California (at least once a week) - so, yes you can live anywhere in the world as long as you can attend the regular video calls. Also, a more extended face-to-face meeting is expected - both in Warsaw (~ 3 - 5 days), and an on-site visit in the US (3 weeks, optional, but highly encouraged).

    The project - despite being more aligned with the "thinking" and algorithmic part - has a relaxed, slow pace. The client is a well-establish foreign mid-sized company with a steady stream of revenue. 

    If both sides will be satisfied after the project is completed, there is a possibility to arrange H1B visa for the candidate to move to the US permanently which - quite honestly - is very rare among the other offers out there.

    You will own the project (together with a senior software architect from the US) and can choose any technology you wish (including the latest blooding-edge trends that were rolled out yesterday at night :)). Current version leverages ElasticSearch heavily, so it's essential you have a really good understanding of how ES works and have previous commercial experience with ES. Also, knowledge of, and affinity to, algorithms, optimization, and graph theory, in particular, is a big plus. 

    Sounds interesting? Intriguing? Want more info?
    Shoot me a message, now! :)
    πŸ‘‰  Contact:

    Referral bonus: 4 000 PLN if we decide to hire the guy