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React Internship - UI components
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React Internship - UI components

AI Clearing
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In a startup environment companies move as fast as red cars in movies ⚡.

In some cases during prototypes of new features Frontend developers are responsible for the design. If we want to change the future, we need Your help!  

We are looking for someone who learned some React at home and feel comfy with creating UI. You will be part of the Frontend team, where in a dynamic environment you will be our left (or right, how you prefer) hand in creating UI. 

You will be responsible for: 

  • Suggesting and design UI of new screens
  • Implementing basic UI features in React in Frontend (with help from senior developers)
  • Fix bug fixes that will happen in the code (definitely not caused by you)
  • Give good vibes to the team

Requirements (you probably won’t get hired without passing this points)  

  • Github account with at least one project using react - could be even a to-do list app. 
  • Basic knowledge of programming in Typescript (and javascript)
  • Knowledge of the usage of npm

Nice to have:

  • Experiences in React developer or as a Frontend developer in other frameworks. 
  • Previous experiences in positions where you were using Figma 
  • Appreciation of on-site work


  • We want you to come to the office in Warsaw, but it's not required everevery dayt's remote, flexible work. If you're studying, have a child or anything else - it's fine, as long as you deliver on promised deadlines and attend planned meetings.
  • We highly encourage you to come to the office, because it’s where all of the learning is happening. 

What do we offer? 

• Competitive salary: 5k - 7k PLN gross/month (mandate contract)

Hybrid work (office in Warsaw)

• Flexible working hours 

• Fruits & cookies in the office - whatever you prefer

• A lot of team-building events & parties! 

Join our team and let’s create the unicorn startup together!