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Boldare is a digital product design and development company for forward-looking businesses. We capitalize on 14 years of experience, 250 products released to the market worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team.

Software HouseIT80-100Gliwice (+1 locations)

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Asia Kroczek

Lead Link of People Circle

Asia, as a Lead Link of People Circle is responsible for building a HR strategy and processes at XSolve. She cares about people professional development, work satisfacion and fulfiling the recruitment plan as well.

Tomek Konieczny

Senior QA Engineer

Senior QA Engineer at XSolve responsible for test automation and DevOps-related tasks. Interested in wide range of QA related subjects - from test architecture to server setups and security. Fan of knowledge sharing.

Michał Cieśliczka

JavaScript Developer

Michał is a JS Developer at XSolve. During his 3-year tenure in the company he’s accomplished a few complex projects and has initiated the FrontClub community, gathering people around hottest front-end topics.

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Imagine a workplace, in which everybody has an impact on the organizational structure. You are able to change things and fulfill many roles of your own choice that match your competences. There are no managers needed, you can make your own decisions according to accountabilities and purpose of your roles. This is holacracy. And we are following its rules, making our daily routine more comfortable and challenging. Freedom, transparency and trust are not just benefits, these are true merits!

Our values and culture

Teamwork, accountability, trust, openness and development - these five are bold keywords that form our culture. They drive us every single day and keep us cheered up and supporting each other. You can count on our honesty and transparent approach. What else? We love to explore new things, there is always room for new ideas and experiments. We share our knowledge and best practices with the rest of the world - if you also believe that sharing is caring, you are more than welcome in our team!

Agile Office

Why do we call it an Agile Office? It reflects our mindset and working culture. We want to work smart, not hard - that's what we told ourselves when designing it together. The interior can be adapted to our changing needs and preferences in just a moment. Including plenty of solutions which make our work more efficient and pleasant. Desks adapted to pair programming, open space filled with team spirit, quiet spaces for individual work, conference rooms for remote cooperation. It's all there.

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    ul. Królowej Bony, 13


    ul. Jasna 24

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