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We are transforming the financial services industry, offering instant access to the most comprehensive banking-as-a-service platform available in the market.
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Principal Tech Lead

I really appreciate the ability to participate in the process every step of the way, from bringing new ideas, through the development and production launch.

Head of Cloud Management

We work in one of the most demanding and regulated sectors. With a team of highly skilled and GCP certified engineers, we are continuously expanding our knowledge in the field of public cloud technology.

Senior Frontend Engineer

The best part about Vodeno is the team spirit that we manage to maintain. I appreciate the impact I have on our codebase and the technologies we use to achieve our goals.

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Reach for the clouds. With us!

We are on a mission to open opportunities to businesses and industries that are brave enough to explore new ways to delight their customers. We act as one team with the aim to make a lasting impact and invite like-minded professionals to join us on this journey. Together we create a team of people who have an enormous drive to explore the unknown. To pioneer and be ready to test and learn. To fail forward. To innovate. To change things for the better.

Experience flexibility and freedom

We are a team spread all over Europe and we love flexibility and freedom! We believe these two come handy in order to create things and bring change. We embrace it at Vodeno. That’s why once you join us you can count on a lot of flexibility reflected in your work schedule, or work location. Do you feel like working from home? - No problem. Do you need to break your day for a personal arrangement? - You can do it. We do not impose, we adjust to make sure you can be at your best at Vodeno.

Learning runs in our veins

We get that bringing new things into life requires a lot of knowledge and constant learning. This is why we often think about ourselves as a learning organisation. Sounds very corporate? Let us explain what we mean in practice: we give each colleague a budget to spend for professional development. Would you like to attend a conference on a topic which you are passionate about? Would you like to get access to a training course? We trust your choices, so you pick your plan.

Vodeno Cloud Program

You can grow your cloud skills with our Vodeno Cloud Program. We have been running the program since 2021 and are proud that Vodeno has one of the highest numbers of people with Google Cloud Platform certificates. Everyone is invited to participate in the Program. Would you like to join?

Let’s not forget about fun!

We love to celebrate and to have some fun! All of us love getting together for any reason! First day of spring celebration? Sure! Easter? Absolutely! Summertime? Well, these are good enough reasons to meet!

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