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Vistex solutions help businesses take control of their mission-critical processes. So they can make sure every dollar spent or earned is really driving growth, and not just additional costs. Our clients are 20th Century Fox, Cisco, Paramount Pict.

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Senior Software Development Manager

His language is JavaScript. He is responsible for two of our projects. If he is not at his desk, he integrates the team playing foosball with them. He won't say no to a good, spicy dish for lunch.



At Vistex Asia is responsible for matching the best talents on the market with opened roles. Staying professional in the same time as keeping much empathy for people is something crucial for her.


Software Development Manager

Yordan loves programming so much that became one of our managers. He leads a 6-person team with endless creativity. If he had to save the world with the help of technology, he would have done it better than Iron Man.

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Our products

Our solutions help our customers to:
- manage Go-to-Market solutions in the cloud—integrated seamlessly to any ERP;
- leverage industry expertise with rights & royalty solutions for music, media & licensing;
- gain strategic insights into global channel sales programs with our in-depth suite of tech channel.

Our recruitment process

1. Talk to one of our team members on Skype, share your knowledge and find out what it's like to work in the position you applied for.
2. Visit us, face the recruitment challenge and meet our team.
3. Welcome to Vistex team.

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