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At the R&D Center in Wrocław, we develop software and electronics for devices that bring ambience to your home. We are happy to design products that are present in our everyday life and actively support the optimization of energy consumption.

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Tomasz Wroński

Head of Viessmann R&D Center Wrocław

Heart Beet of this company” IronManager whose giving rhythm of work. Motivates employees to leave their comfort zone which helps them grow their skills.

Katarzyna Szydłowska

Head of People

With our Team, we work to create and maintain meaningful: relations, work environment and processes around our place of work. There are so many interesting and exciting initiatives going on here all the time!

Przemysław Grabarczyk

Digital Services & B2B Applications Leader

Projects, timelines and deliverables-those are laying as a fundament of our work. But also the atmosphere we create is causing the smile not to disappear from our faces ;)

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We dream up a climate for the future

We develop products that support the climate. We are all about ecology!

We have a real influence on our product

We design things for our own products - for Viessmann appliances that we invent, design and manufacture

With us, you can!

Say what you want to do, and we will make it possible for you. New ideas can take a fast track to implementation

Sharing knowledge is our passion

You will get to know many experienced professionals here. You might even choose a mentor and take advantage of in-house development programmes in our teams.

ViFamily - We feel like a family

We build partnership relations with each other.
There is always time to talk not only about work. You can be sure that you will always be heard and we deal with challenges together.

SPORT is our DNA

We promote a healthy lifestyle by supporting employees in doing many sports. In our Centre you will get to know runners, cyclists, amateurs of table and tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, sailing, fencing and even triathlon. Throughout the year, we encourage staff to work out as part of our ViGaming program, and to compete in sports using the ViMove application as well as in intercompany tournaments (Company Run, Fruu Rally). We also pay extra for commuting to work by bike.

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    ul. Duńska 9

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