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We are part of the Norwegian publishing group Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjørke AS. Our team is developing an educational platform to facilitate creation of digital products and a multichannel Sylius-based e-commerce platform to power our online shops.
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Our team
Håkon Eikesdal
Manager E-comm team

In charge of the wider team of e-comm experts, placed in Oslo

Marcin Chełminiak
Team Lead E-comm team

Supervisor for the e-comm team in Sopot

Łukasz Siromski
Team Lead Ed Tech team

Supervisor for the Ed Tech team in Sopot

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Who we are

VB Polska is part of the Norwegian publishing group Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjørke AS. We are located in Sopot, Poland, and currently employ over 100 people. The group’s beginnings date back to the 1990s when two friends from the student room decided to start a publishing house focused around scientific and educational publications. Currently, Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjørke is Norway’s 4 th largest publishing house with a rich brand portfolio.

People come first

VB Polska is driven by our strong trust in the individual. Our team-building philosophy is rooted in self-management and task-oriented responsibility. We believe that building self-sustainable teams of developers, designers and project managers will help us provide successful technological solutions to our clients. Our unique people-driven values create a culture where every team member’s voice is heard and matters.

We care

We focus beyond the here and now. We invest in our future caring about good relations, transparent communication and a good working atmosphere build on trust and engagement. We build systems that solve problems and are client oriented as we are aware that solving problems requires the joint forces of the whole team. So again: we believe in individuals that build stronger teams.

Our projects

Our company has two digital teams. Every newly hired team member is provided with onboarding and knowledge from experienced developers. The Ed Tech team works on Erudio- platform that allows us to create digital products with minimum development effort in a fast production process. The E-comm team develops the multichannel e-commerce platform based on Symphony and Sylius as well as Bootstrap. Using easily configurable templates we can create a new shop without the need for extensive development.

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