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Vazco is a team built by developers and with developers in mind. We pay attention to which technologies we use and how we use them. We also engage into innovative, impactful projects - scale-ups and start-up’s, using bleeding-edge tech solutions.

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Founder and CEO of Vazco - a software house focused on building highly-customized solutions. Board member of ITCorner, a cluster of 60 IT companies, responsible for communication with international partners.



I work with IT clients worldwide, helping them translate their ideas into well-tailored solutions that serve their business needs. I am continuously looking for improvements in the products and the Developer Experience.



I’m a business psychologist. I've been working over 7 years as a Project Manager in IT services. Fully dedicated to creating an inspiring workplace, where people can grow – empowering them through appropriate skills.

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Technological perfection

Join a team built by developers and with developers in mind. As a software development company, we pay attention to which technologies we use and how we use them - that is why tech decisions are often up to us.

At Vazco, you will be:

encouraged to experiment,
contribute your code to the community,
work on our open source solutions, which hundreds of thousands of people worldwide use.

We bet on our team

Tech-Lead circle - every week, our tech leads meet to exchange knowledge and use the experience or guidance of tech leads.

We have robust feedback and mentoring system focused on maximizing your growth in a structured way. It includes e.g., SFIA-based tech feedback, personal career goals that we help you to reach.

The code we enjoy

We are software craftsmen and enjoy writing clear code that lasts. Peer reviews, pair programming, internal hackathons and ongoing tech workshops help us become better professionals. We strive to deliver a well organized, transparent and future-proof code that we can sign off with clear conscience.

Developer Experience

Many companies (us included!) put lots of effort into the User Experience (UX). But for us, as a software company, there is an even more important concept - the Developer Experience (DX).

A friendly, open, non-bullshit company culture and processes are crucial for a positive Developer Experience, just as the tools and frameworks.

So we got the philosophy of a positive Developer Experience baked into our core because happy developers make great software.

Open source vibe

Open source means an open mind so that you will find yourself in a flat structure, with little management overhead and direct communication with the whole team, including the CEO

Open Source circle - you can participate in contributing to the Open Source community and build your presence in the Open Source world, within your work time.

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