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We are UR Republic of Robotics Geeks. Some call us visionaries, dreamers or even magicians, but one thing is for certain: we create intelligent robots from start to finish, combining software with hardware, like pioneers.


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Dariusz Mańkowski

Founder & CEO

Vsionnaire, easy going, people oriented, decision taker. His ideas delight investors. You can talk to him about anything, especially Star Wars. Proud dad of 6-years old daugther.

Konrad Cop

Chief Technology Officer

Aligned and with a sense of humor. He came back from exile to make his professional dreams come true. Responsible for implementing ideas and turning them into code & hardware.

Maja Knap-Nowak

People & Culture Manager

Tolerant, friendly, self-distant. Committed to build the work environment that makes people smiling and happy and where everyone feels equally important.

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Who we are?

We a proprietary robotics designer and manufacturer. Our aim is to revolutionize industrial spaces maintenance with autonomous robots. Our products are an operating example of the expertise in mobile localization, machine learning and computer vision which convert machines into intelligent AI devices capable of working without human supervision. This is the quintessence of high-tech and the innovation "made in Poland".

Our team

We are a team of robotics geeks with the right knowledge, potential and possibilities. We are passionate. We draw from our experiences, we learn from our mistakes and, above all, we cooperate. Autonomous robots are our adventure and childhood dreams that have become our way of life.
On top of that we have a clearly defined direction of development. We create and test the latest solutions, thinking years ahead to choose the best options. After all, we want to prove that it is possible in Poland.

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    Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 46

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