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About us
TUATARA is not a software house, not a consulting company, not a marketing agency or data science company. We mix all of those, with a little bit of adaptability and thoughtfulness. We are enthusiasts of translating business needs into artful solutions, in Poland and worldwide. We combine in-depth business knowledge and expertise in IT to ensure the most significant benefits for the enterprise. We work mostly with big companies – banking, telecommunications, insurance and retail, helping them to flourish by flawlessly delivering their services and exceeding expectations of the digital natives.
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Our team
Bogdan Nowopolski
To provide excellent business solutions, you need someone with a great experience. Add a knack for leadership and you have a perfect combination. That’s why we are lucky to have Bogdan as our CEO and co-founder.
Krzysztof Goworek
Modern technologies have become as ubiquitous as morning coffee. There are people who make sure those technologies relieve headaches and revitalize businesses. Our Vice President and co-founder is one of them.
Tomasz Kostrząb
Handling complex IT projects and being its chief architect is not an easy job. Our CTO supports and leads many digital transformation projects. But his main superpower is simply… doing the impossible.
Michał Żuchowski
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is what everybody talks about, but it's actually good to have an expert, who truly understands it. Michał takes our clients on an exciting journey to the digital era since the beginning of TUATARA.
Ewa Kaniewska
Effectively organizing and managing the HR processes requires high managerial skills – and Ewa is there of us! With her interpersonal skills, she makes every recruitment process enjoyable.
Aga Rzeźniczak
Being responsible for TUATARA's branding, as well as managing the team is not an easy job. With professional guidance from such an experienced and creative leader as Aga, our image is glowing every day!
Arek Marcinowski
Business Development
Development of complex IT solutions requires analytical skills, along with understanding business objectives and supporting processes. Arek is an experienced holistic solution manager, leaving no space for hazard.
Bartosz Radecki
Product Manager
Bartosz, TASIL product manager, is an experienced and goal-oriented person. His knowledge of SCRUM methodology proves him to be the best person to make business and technology work alongside.
Radek Korczyński
Business Development
With 17 years of experience in consulting and business development, Radek leads the Data Science team. His social skills, combined with great customer focus, allows him to develop our business.
Bartek Lipski
BPM & Integrations
Bartek has a frightful look, but he is the best leader you can get, a knowledgeable expert, respected and demanded by our Clients. 15 years of experience in Integrations and BPM - unbeateable.
Sylwia Smoleń
Business Development
Sylwia, with her 14 years of experience in the banking sector, is the perfect person for making contact between TUATARA and banks. Creating offers, negotiating the terms, finding new clients – that’s her speciality!
Marcin Kluczyk
Enterprise Content Management
Marcin is responsible for the ECM capability. With many years of experience, there is probably nobody who knows more on that in Poland. We are grateful to have him onboard.
Michał Wawrzyniewicz
IT Operations
Michał is with us since the very beginning. As a part of DevSecOps team and Head of IT Operations, he is making sure that the backend works fine for us and for our Clients continuously.
Damian Kawecki
Project Management
With over 20 years of experience in IT there's not much left, that Damian has not seen. He uses his knowledge, takes what is best, adapts it, innovates and leads the Project Management team like no other.
Our offices

Warszawa, Al. Jerozolimskie 132 - 52.221468, 20.9747535

Białystok, Świętego Rocha 5 / 210a - 53.1338528, 23.1450608

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Tuatara Military Run 2019
A little proof that we're not sitting at our desks all the time. Fresh air, beautiful weather and a bit of competition – this is how we do it!
And the winner is...
This is how we celebrate our victories!
Welcome to the parade!
A little something for motorization's fans. Fiat 126p, our national heritage, was a proud model to present Tuatara's artistic intentions. Hope you enjoy it! :)