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Joanna Reszewska

Head of People

I believe our role as Tooploox is to present inspiring challenges and allow you to follow your own ambitions, letting you explore the unknown and supporting you along the way.

Paulina Orzechowska

IT Recruiter

I believe that people are the core of every business. Meeting new talents is a great adventure and watching them grow within the company is the most satisfying thing to see.

Klaudia Tylkowska

IT Recruiter

For the last few years, I have been discovering the secrets of IT recruitment and trying to build a bridge between candidates and employers, and I really do love it.

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Our unique culture

We believe in self-organization: our people know better than any what’s best for them, for their team, and for the project they’re working on. That’s why we’ve decided to work in a Holacracy - a flat structure, the core of which is collaboration, trust, and flexibility. Thanks to this, our employees can develop themselves in the ways they like most and have a real impact on the organization.


Flexibility is not just seen in the Agile approach, which we practice in each of our projects, but it is in everything we do. Employees decide for themselves just when, where, and how they work. This means a lot more than simply choosing your working hours or your type of contract; it means freedom. No one watches your every move (also literally, as you can work fully remotely) and you and your team can implement your own, new solutions in your projects or in your approach to your work .

Ownership and its real impact on company

We take on projects with great care; we not only perform tasks, but we share our experience and thoughts with our clients - and they trust us. The same is true when working on improving our organization - any employee can put their hand to it. We don’t have strict accountabilities and if you want, you can propose a new initiative or change to help us improve. You can also start working in different fields than where you started off and help develop not only the company, but also yourself.

Self development and growth

Growth is one of our most important values at Tooploox. We believe in the prospect of becoming better each and every day, this is something that drives us. But there is no single definition of being the best or in just one career path. At Tooploox, every employee can decide for themselves in which direction they want to develop, which can mean changing your project, learning a new technology, or even totally changing your job position - we will support you and your growth as an organization.

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