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We are a team of professionals spread across many countries who are committed to developing enterprises and society through information technology. Our culture is built on transparency and active sharing – a truly open environment.

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Test Automation Engineer

At work she tests her patience over colleagues and also ensures the quality of the software. She finds peace and balance through expressing ideas on the piece of paper with watercolors. She is also sports enthusiast.


Senior UX Designer

UX designer, responsible for creating user-centered designs for the welfare and healthcare sector. Passionate about using design to improve people's live.


Test Automation Engineer

Test Engineer, Mom and Wife. During that journey, I realized that testing has always been a huge part of my life. I would like to inspire other women that IT world needs female perspective to growth.

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Tietoevry is made up of valuable people who have amazing ideas and big dreams! We realize innovative and ambitious projects. It's a huge task. Luckily, we have lots of talent. We are not afraid of challenges and hard work, because we have each other's backs. We gain results by being the first ones to cross the finish line – and the last ones to give up. Over 14,000 employees in 20 countries every day contribute to the company's success.


We create an organizational culture based on trust, openness, transparency and always honest feedback. We appreciate constructive criticism and kudos for good work as well :)

We believe that there can be no creativity without freedom and trust. People in Tietoevry are experimenting, asking a lot of questions, and making mistakes. Based on this, we learn and become better experts, teachers and people.


We believe that every peak can be reached.

We are looking for talented, passionate of new technology, and responsible people, who can appreciate the importance of well-tested code and know that somebody’s life may depend on it.

Mostly we are looking for communicative, open minded and helpful people. If something is going wrong, we are always supportive and trying to find the best solution. We have the same goals and we develop as a person and as a team.


For us open space is not only space in the room, it is primarily a space for exchanging thoughts, opinions and discussions. We always listen to each other and share knowledge.

We are corporation, but we don't have a dress code. We have procedures, but If someone wants to change something, we are open to dialogue. You could express yourself and we appreciate that. In our company, you can make mistakes. We know that then you will learn a lot and draw conclusions.

Recruitment adventure

Recruitment is the beginning of an exciting adventure during which we learn experiences, interests and motivations of candidates. The success of every adventure is the right approach, preparation and determination. We have to answer the question, of whether our expectations and mindset are convergent. If yes, welcome on board! But sometimes we do not match. Valuable to us is If candidates say, it's great to talk with them, they are doing a good job. This shows that the dialogue was successful.

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Software Engineer-C/Embedded- Telco
Software Engineer-C/Embedded- Telco
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