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We’re one of the fastest-growing startup in Europe. Our flagship product is Tidio - a live chat app powered by unique chatbot solutions. It is used by thousands of micro and small businesses all over the world.

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Radosław Hryciów

Senior Frontend Developer & Leader

At Tidio, we have a lot of great people and creative minds. I am happy to work with them and at the same time develop my leadership skills. And you? In what area would you like to grow? I will be glad to help you.

Miłosz Lenczewski

Senior Backend Developer

I am a programming enthusiast with a wide range of interests in the constant pursuit of personal development. Here at Tidio, I can develop my skills, personal brand, but most of all do what I love. Grow with me! ;)

Mateusz Marszałek

Engineering Manager

At Tidio, we value collaboration and focus on impact. Those are my favorite values you can observe on your day 1. As an Engineering Manager, I try to build such a culture amongst our teams in the Technology department.

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We help entrepreneurs grow!

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow!
We fulfill it by building the first–true customer experience suite for micro & small businesses that gives them a competitive advantage. Together, we build a company where we can do amazing things by using our unique skills.

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How we work in Tech team:

🔹Our API receives over 27 million inquiries daily,
🔹We support over 550k of parallel connections to our peak WebSocket servers,
🔹We like to be up to date with new technologies
🔹We take care of the code quality, test coverage and we do code review,
🔹We have a well-implemented scrum,
🔹We give the opportunity to develop in other technologies or as a leader,
🔹We give you the ability to develop your skills within our virtual teams - guilds (e.g. back-end guild, front-end, QA, etc.)

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