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TeaCode is a team of 25 programming passionates 🌿 We share the will to create solutions that face real problems and change our reality. We believe that only the best quality software can bring out the full potential of the project.

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Michał Pierzchlewicz


Michał is the co-founder and the CEO of TeaCode. He is our frontman and the clay of our team. You can come to him with any problem as he finds nothing impossible! 💪🏼

Jakub Drynkowski


Jakub is the co-founder and the CTO of TeaCode. He is our good uncle that always makes any problem solvable. He also ensures that everything is always spot on tech-wise 💡

Mateusz Jarzębski

Team Lead & Full-Stack Developer

Matt is one of our wonderful team leads and a full-time full-stack developer 🙌🏻 He is the most capable mentor you can find, the best scorer in foosball and a massive fan of board games.

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Our company originated from the will to take up real challenges and face existent problems. We wanted to avoid the corporate atmosphere and work together as a group of good friends. And now we are living that dream as all of it came true!

From a start-up to a clutch leader? That's us!

6 years

We have been on the market for quite some time now and we can proudly say that each month we've grown a little more and gained precious experience.

Each upcoming year means to us another integrative trip, many lightning talk meetings, countless after-work beers and foosball tournaments. Oh, and of course many awesome projects!

25 professionals

Our software house is first and foremost created by people. Throughout the last years, we gathered a great team of JavaScript full-stack development specialists who enjoy working together, can provide one with the best service and share the 'learning culture'. Recently, we also created a marketing branch and a sales position. And together we make magic happen ✨

50+ clients

Throughout our history, we have formed many cooperations and lasting partnerships with clients from all over the world. We have completed over 50 projects in JavaScript and TypeScript many of which you can see in our portfolio. The best bit is that very often our customers come back to us with ideas for new projects or new forms of collabs (and we couldn't be happier!).

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