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About us
SwingDev is a software development and design consultancy focused on pushing innovation faster. Through experience gained by building over 100 startups, SwingDev can plan, design, and deliver innovative products for any organisation, no matter how big or small. Thanks to the power and efficiency of the team of seasoned developers and designers, led by Product Managers, SwingDev brings Silicon Valley spirit and pace to any enterprise.
Company size
Software Development
Our team
Jo Overline
Serial entrepreneur,former software developer–his apps were most often downloaded in 32 countries on AppStore.Jo is the face of SwingDev in US.He's also a friend of many managing partners of the biggest investment funds
Marcin Mincer
Engineer, former software developer, leader.He connects the tech world with business reality without losing the spark of creativity in the process. He is determined to make SwingDev the best place for passionate workers.
Tomasz Kopczuk
Mentor and rule model for the whole team – always ready with a solution for every, even most complicated problem. There is no software technology he didn’t at least touched.
Our offices

Warszawa, Nowy Świat 35/6A - 52.2338177, 21.0188762

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Learn and share
We’ve already made over 50 products for startups. We’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience… Now it’s time to share it! We also try to get involved in local events – but not only as a company. We want every member of the team to develop. That's why we fund participation in conferences and organize​ thematic meetings inside the company every month. We like to learn new things together.
Sometimes the best job is fun
This year we’ve started a series of internal hackathons. The first one was held under the slogan "Make office Great again." We worked on projects that would facilitate, improve or simply make our work in the office more pleasant.
Programming is a team game
Some people think that the most lasting friendships are formed during the code review, but we also try to have fun together: we organize Movie Nights with popcorn or Game Nights over beers in our Warsaw office.
Above all – a good code
Every day we try to combine the looseness of the West Coast with a professional approach to the software engineering process. Thanks to this well-balanced atmosphere, we've managed to create a well-coordinated team that plays well together and delivers impressive apps at the same time.
Remembering the past
Our office is located next to the Blikle bakery on Nowy Świat, in a renovated, pre-war tenement house. The owners let us arrange the attic in an industrial style, with exposed bricks that remember the reconstruction of Warsaw. This is not our first office in a tenement house that survived the war. We believe that the place where we work is important, so we will always choose inspiring and comfortable space over regular office buildings.