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StreamVX makes the streaming revolution happen by putting all the cables needed by the video industry into a server and moving old-school appliances into software solutions. 25 years in the business. A passionate team of 30 video and streaming geeks.


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Aleksander Dutkowski

Senior Software Engineer

Aleksander is the master of answering the questions of “How…?” during the digital transformation of video ecosystems. He contributes to IT forums and communities ensuring that knowledge is openly shared.

Katarzyna Jafra

Manager of the Board Office & HR Department

Kasia is the engine of StreamVX. She ensures that the needs of new employees are met, including organizational culture, competency management, and training. Kasia determines and plans staffing needs.

Szymon Karbowski

Chief Executive Officer

One of the pioneers and active contributors of the payTV industry. A great captain, whose crew feels like everything is on course. He has over 25 years of experience working in video, broadcast, telco, and MSO companies.

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Technology is the key

StreamVX is a product software company - we develop, expand, and maintain our own products within our own ecosystem. We make software that smooths out the entire video flow from scratch, so that consumers are able to watch TV on any device and anywhere in the world. Our software products transform video formats, so customers are able to watch their favorite shows regardless of internet quality.

Methodology and philosophy

Since day one, StreamVX has been keeping things simple. Adhering to this rule, we have created hardware-agnostic, flexible, and inclusive technology. No matter what is lurking in the stacks of your headend, we will filter all of it into a single-thread logic. This simplicity generates high performance, great useability, app-oriented work, and a software defined system.

Project management principles

StreamVX teams use agile methodologies on a daily basis with elements of Kanban. We design software using the Domain Driven Design (DDD) approach. Our Product Team has developed standards for defining the requirements of subsequent programming components, and scheduling the programming workflow for the team. We focus a great deal on creating customer values and delivering high-quality software solutions to clients in the Polish, Spanish and American markets.

We are at the biggest tech events

StreamVX actively exhibits at the most prestigious international industry events in the world - IBC International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and NAB National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas, USA. We are also a partner of the Polish sector’s biggest conference PIKE (Polska Izba Komunikacji Elektronicznej). Our team attends all important events, and the CEO serves as a speaker, moderator, and consultant.

Flat structure

We are continuously open for talents and geeks, who are able to contribute to the company’s growth. StreamVX offers a flat structure and believes that the opinion of each and every employee matters. Indeed, we believe that autonomy, and independence are really important motivating factors. Our company invests in career development, workplace equipment and well-being activities, in order to adapt work to your life. Jump into the Stream!

Grow with us

We will help you develop your previous experience. Your team leader will give you feedback if there is any knowledge or skills that need to be mastered further. Together you will also determine the time frames needed to implement these newly improved skills and translate them into your professional duties. We want you to be responsible and independent. Our team appreciates a positive attitude, team spirit and friendly atmosphere.

x64 benefits of working at StreamVX

Please check our Careers page with the list of all 64 perks that you get when working for the company. We sorted them into three groups so you can easily scroll through. Professional development - stay competitive throughout the contract. Well-being in its true form - we do care about your health and stamina. Other benefits - what else can make you happy?

Do you want to work and live in Gdansk?

We offer relocation assistance. This year, Tricity has once again been awarded the Most Dynamically Developing City at the 10th CEE Business Services Summit & Awards Gala. Gdansk has claimed top spot in the quality of life category over the last five years, according to the “Quality of Life in European cities” report. Gdansk was recognized in 2020 as both one of the best destinations in Europe, and one of the premier people friendly cities by Forbes.

Referral bonus for employees.

We're always looking for great talent! If a referral is hired full-time, the StreamVX employee who initially recommended the successful candidate will receive a bonus divided into two parts: once the new person starts his contract - 1000 PLN. And after the new starter has been with us for three months - 1000 PLN.

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