At Stepwise, we supercharge companies worldwide with AI & Machine Learning solutions, pushing beyond conventional boundaries and offering groundbreaking approaches to business challenges.
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Krzysztof Szukieć

As a CEO and one of the initiators of Stepwise, I am responsible for business relationship establishment. I am also accountable for the organisation growth and it's success story.

Radek Grębski
VP Technology

Co-Founder & VP of Technology at Stepwise. Helping clients achieve goals, supporting developers in improving their technical & soft skills. Speaker at technology conferences.

Rafał Gorzkowski
VP Research & Development

Our main architect of Cloud solutions and head of the Data Engineering department. Research & Development is his middle name. Best of the best.

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Work at Stepwise

We build a Software House aware of its capabilities and focused on intelligent development of both the organization and the people who create it. We focus on the independence of the team members in the selection of technology, approach to architecture and negotiating these points directly with the client. Core Values - Every person is a business person - Delivery by research - We learn and teach each of our clients


Over the past few years, our focus has been on cloud technologies. Mainly GCP and AWS. We are really strong here. We come from the JVM world and Java is our home. However, our latest projects are mainly developed in Kotlin and technologies such as Elastic and Spring Boot. Frontend and Mobile are React and Flutter. We are currently looking for our niche in graph databases and areas such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Our Products

Stepwise specialises in customised digital-transformation products for medium-sized companies that wish to scale up their businesses by becoming data-driven players. Stepwise delivers and invests in cloud-native products for the Renewable Energy, PropTech and Fintech sectors as well as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software for business applications.

Cross-Disciplinary Team

Our team expects others to follow the best coding and design standards, care for quality and constantly experiment with technology. New people are given the care of a mentor who ensures a good introduction to the team. Our team is fully multidisciplinary. We employ not only Developers, but also UX/UI Designers, Test Automation specialists, and also full Backoffice support in order to make our Team's work enjoyable and reach the best Clients from European market.

Coding standards

Code reviews ADR Configuration as code Infrastructure as code Documentation close to code Unit + Integration tests E2E tests CI/CD Project build in one step Keep the bug count low Implement features only when we have their specifications Working environment is adjusted for each developer Quality Assurance person is part of the development team UI/UX team should be continuously work with the development team Keeping clean code principles in mind Pair programming as a standard

Blog post

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