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We are all about supercharging tech-based businesses. But make no mistake - software development is just a part of what we do at Startup Development House. Our mission is to deliver all-around support for startups at all stages of development.

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Alex Stasiak


Alex has his finger on the pulse 24/7. He's all about meeting new people and helping turn their business ideas into reality. In his free time he likes to go camping and mountain biking.

Marek Pałys

Head of Product Strategy & Co-Founder

Marek a.k.a. Senior Partner / Captain Chaos (as he calls himself). He's responsible for building our Product Strategy. Loooves coffee and working with his awesome team. He enjoys going home to Bieszczady with his family.

Damian Denis

Head of Design

Damian is passionate about the collaboration between teams and clients, as well as creating new products from scratch. He takes pleasure in cycling and you should definitely check out his amazing photography @dou.bled

How it all started

"It was love at first sight", as Alex and Marek describe. After meeting for the first time, they worked together on many projects. They tried to find a company that would understand their needs, without success.

This is how Startup House was born. The goal of the company was to help build startups. And here we are now, a team of over 45 people, helping startups grow since 2015.

Building startups from scratch

We've been working with plenty of startups for the past 4 years. What we’ve learned is that you need to innovate to stay in the game. And with our knowledge and experience, we know exactly how to do it.

The projects we've worked on include solutions for FinTechs, education, LegalTech, FoodTech, community and matching platforms.

Conquering the world

With our help, startups from all around the world have already launched their amazing products.

We've worked with clients not only from Poland, but also Norway, Italy, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, United States and Mexico and we're still branching out, with our Sales Team attending tech events in other countries!

What about you?

Want to join us and make some startups grow?

We've got a spot for you! Check out our current offers below!


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