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We are a passionate team of 160+ experts working remotely to build the future of mobile marketing! Top app developers turn to us for intelligent data-driven solutions designed for Apple Search Ads automation, A/B testing, and market insights.

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Max Lisovski

Chief Technology Officer

My purpose in SM is to nurture the next Unicorn with a “nothing’s impossible” approach. I’m surrounded by passionate people who make their ideas come true. Love software since I was 13 after writing my first code.

Olena Kovalova

Head of Talent Acquisition

People build the business, not the opposite. This is what every manager in SplitMetrics knows. Here I feel like a part of the cozy yet ambitious family. Love our Friday tradition to share gratitudes with colleagues.

Grigori Lira

Solutions Architect

The impact I can make within the company and even in the overall industry is inspiring. I like to get my hands dirty with coding and troubleshooting technical issues. Data-driven decisions advocate 😎

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Who we are

We are a team of 160+ professionals who are passionate about the technologies, a data-driven approach, creativity, and thinking out of the box for achieving a common success.

We care about people and our corporate culture - the most important things that help us to be the leader in the market and provide absolutely excellent experience for our customers.

How we work

SplitMetrics is a remote-first company, we collaborate remotely from 20+ countries across the globe, stay connected and ensure that everyone on our team feels supported and engaged with our common goals.

We are flexible, consistently emphasize the importance of work-life fit and provide the opportunity to work from anywhere - either from home, co-working space, cafe, or even from an island.

Our values

Our unwavering value of transparency ensures that everyone has access to all the information, knows the company’s goals, proactively shares ideas, leverages teammates’ feedback, and doesn’t afraid to fail. We are always ready to solve the most challenging problems with such approach.

We are proud of keeping our corporate culture on an exceptional level while the company is scaling fast, surrounding ourselves with ambitious, autonomous but empathic people.

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    Aleje Ujazdowskie 41

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