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We founded smartpatient to support people living with chronic diseases by helping them take their medications safely. Since launching MyTherapy, it has become the world's fastest-growing disease management app.

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Team Frost


With almost 100 sprints completed, Team Frost is one of our oldest Scrum teams, and is currently working on a bonus program called RedPoints. The team’s longevity has been fueled by its members’ favorite dish: Pad Thai.

Team Emerald


In between bowling and playing crazy golf, Team Emerald is focused on making scheduling reminders in MyTherapy as simple as possible. Strong collaboration and teamwork have helped the team complete almost 50 sprints.

Team Crimson


Team Crimson lives by the three C’s: Clean [code], Creative [solutions], and Controlled [implementation]. The team places importance on user experience (UX), which was key in developing MyTherapy’s new symptom tracker.

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About smartpatient

At smartpatient, we help patients achieve better health outcomes using MyTherapy, a leading medication and disease management app. For our partners, MyTherapy is the Operating System for Digital Therapeutics (DTx), patient education and adherence support. By deploying their DTx and patient offerings as modules on our platform, they benefit from MyTherapy’s world-class engagement, scalability and regulatory compliance

About MyTherapy App

MyTherapy is the world’s fastest-growing disease management app. More than 5 million users around the globe and across diseases use MyTherapy to manage their medication, track their disease, establish healthy habits and share data with doctors and caregivers. Advanced AI and machine learning facilitate personalization and enable proactive, preventative interventions. 100,000+ ratings averaging at 4.8 stars and several clinical studies testify to its effectiveness and user experience.



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